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    Hello friends,

    first off, i would like to thank you for many educational post. Its a revelation i need to fullfil.
    Commute in San Juan Puerto Rico, a city with many many many cars that are stressed to get to work.

    It would be awesome to have timely public buses, i could become a reader. What other way can i handle the pressure, i guess ill step outside and show them a very nice fast way...reclame the urban space by marking it with a special pride.

    Happy Rant over:grin:

    on to shipping

    What has been your experience with shipping? i leave in Puerto Rico and deal in forums and the bay using usps, not one problem yet. I like how they work here.

    UPS seems expensive for me but they seem to deliver.

    Fed Ex - they have great rep!

    I bet there are horror stories, but ive had it nice. Many nice tube amps, guitars and pedals, with ease...

    Now i venture to buy a bike, knowing that getting bike from arizona is going to take like 375 or so..spooky tooth! ill get one with elongated bullhorn style handles, with a black matte body, front springy thing, 24"s white stripe tires and red wheels, with a classic springy seat! and a 40 to 60 cc engine not which....oh YEAH BLACK FENDERS!!! WITH LITTLE PLATE ON TOP OF THE FENDER!!!!!! WITH A FULICULLY HELMET!

    im happy for wanting to motor bike my way to work!
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    Hello and welcome to MBc...good luck on your endeavors and happy motoring...enjoy the ride