Short Rides.

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    I awoke this morning in a foul mood. Nothing seemed to go right this week. It culminated last night when my daughter (7) came and told me that brother said a bad word.....who is teaching my kids these words. It takes a village and the village seems to have something wrong with it.
    After I got my cup of coffee and still grumbling about "ain't right and I don't like ain't right" I was in my favorite....well only smoking spot. The Garage. After tuning in the local station that plays classic country, I began to think of what I was going to do today. The wife had her business to attend to and the kids were going to be occupied for the morning also. I was left with free time. Free time and grumpy...not a good combo. I was looking at my bike listening to the radio. Waylon was on singing America. I took a little flag I had and mounted it to my bike just for something to do. Went in and told my wife that I was thinking about going for a ride. She was elated that Mr. Grumpy was going to do something he enjoyed.
    I got my bike out of the garage as the news came on.....Oil in the Gulf, Trillion dollar Government spending, Property taxes and school taxes may go up....great I thought (as I went down the driveway.) So much junk going on it makes you wonder (turned into the alley) why put up with it (popped the clutch and engine came to life) Why in the world look at that squirrel go, I scared the crud outt'a him when I powered up....LMAO he ran up a telephone pole with no way down...
    And so my short ride continued, Stan4d was a gruntled man. Every patriotic holiday I try to make it a point to visit the memorial here in town.
    004.jpg 005.jpg
    006.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg 009.jpg
    I also visited the park today. My space on my chip was limited....sorry I do not have more pics for you. Next time I will take some of the park. We also have a Crape Myrtle Celebration this week, they are in bloom and beautiful. All told it was only about a 15 mile ride around town....but the time was immeasurable.

    I hope you enjoy and can share your Fourth rides here.
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    Nice post and nice pics Daryl. Isn't it great how getting on one of our bikes can drastically change one's mood (for the better)?
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    sometimes, a short ride is all it takes ;)
    they are an amazing stress-relief for me as well :)
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    Inspiring thoughts. Thanks
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    Beautiful memorial and a great song! Happy Birthday America!!

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    All of my friends & relatives think I'm odd to like riding a mb, most think it's to dangerous. I use to windsurf and nobody thought much of that either. I'm glad that this site is here to share stories and relate to others about the little mb that makes us smile. I realize some take this stuff very seriously and it's all real important, but I see as a way to get around in a carefree manner.
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    thank you for the ride & story...i know you tried to tell me about it a few times on the phone, i hope now you see why i didn't wanna know...i wanted to experience it here :)

    very cool to see it's possible we actually shared some ride-time together on independence day, that's pretty cool too :cool:

    ps- serious & carefree go together just fine imo :grin5:
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    I found myself with more free time this weekend. My mother-in-law lives in a small town 17 miles south of us. So I made a plan. I would ride down there. There are 2 Historical markers along the way and in a small town between us is the resting place of Denver Pyle. Dale Evans grew up in the town where she lives. So it would make for a nice trip and lots of pictures.I readied the bike last night, and after a preflight check I was on my way.
    WW2 Memorial 004.jpg
    I drove by this historical marker many times but had no idea that it was a World War II memorial.
    WW2 Memorial 001.jpg WW2 Memorial 002.jpg
    After a stop for water and pictures I was on my way. Then ten miles into the trip I felt the familiar vibration of a flat. Pulling off the road, I was happy that I came prepared. Checking the tube I could not locate the leak and I did not want to waste the water I had so I changed the tube. The tire seemed OK.

    I had pulled the bike into the ditch to work on it, an old timer going fishing saw me sitting on the ground next to the bike looking at the back tire, he turned around apparently thinking that I had wiped out.
    "Are you OK?" he said
    "I am fine, Just had a flat and I am fixing it." I replied.
    He looked at the bike closer and said, "You know, you got a motor on that thing!"
    It was all I could do to keep from jumping away from the bike and exclaiming, "How the heck did that happen!!"
    We had a short but very nice conversation. I kept waiting for advice on the flat so I could tell him to go get his own flat, but it never happened. I am thankful that he stopped. If the situation had been bad he would have helped.

    While reinstalling the wheel I found a slice in the tire and a small piece of the tube poking through. Oh well, I turned for home. Halfway back my wife spotted me and was pacing me home, she would pull ahead and wait for me to pass then pull ahead again. My chain popped off and I pulled over to put it back on. She thought I was taking too long so she back tracked. Somehow we missed each other.

    I kept going and made a stop at a convenience store. The old men on the bench out front could not believe the bike when they saw it. After a quick soda I made my way home.

    My wife finally found me one block from home. How I eluded her I do not know, but I do know I am in trouble for doing it. But I still say that today was a great ride. Looking forward to finishing that trip next time after getting liners for my tires.

    All in all, after the ride: its a Wonderful World!
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    i LOVE it! love the new quote in yer sig too :cool:
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    :evilgrin: Two quotable quotes......good stuff. :grin5: