Skyhawk 80cc engine

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  1. dayhoffchuck

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    I have a skyhawk kit 80cc engine on my bike,does anyone know if this engine has a thrust bearing?The reason why I am asking is I want to do a conversion and install it in my Balsa USA Sopwith Pup (Giant R/C Airplane} I dont ride the bike much,I would rather ride my Harley! LOL...........anyway I would appreciate anyones help with information on this engine......Thanks Chuck

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  2. FelipeCobu

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    I don't think something so poorly engineered and built should power a model airplane.

    The bearing on these engine are regular ball bearing in all axles and they will fail if it haves axial charges, like propellers do.

    Felipe Cobu
  3. MotorBicycleRacing

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    If you installed the motor on the bike in the pic you should not be allowed
    to build large model airplanes as you would be a menace to anyone in the
    general vicinity. :D

    The carb is at such a steep angle but the butcher on job on the front
    downtube is beyond belief.
    looks like it has been cut in 2 places and crushed to make the motor fit into
    a too small of a frame.
    Did you install that?
  4. IbedaYank

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    gotta save that pic for the "ways NOT to install a motor in a bike frame file"

    gotta give credit tho the installer at least knows how to cut metal

    Neil most Next frames use a oval down tube
  5. Fabian

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    I thought my next door neighbour had some skill in sidelining his cognitive skills, resorting to a neanderthal approach; needlessly butchering his bike frame to install the engine, instead of applying basic levels of patience and care when fitting the engine.

    The photo pictured in this thread is one reason some people should never be allowed near anything other than a motorized pencil sharpener, for their own safety.

    I am completely speechless at the butchery and lack of basic common sense with regards to this motorized bicycle conversion; stupidity isn't an appropriate enough word to describe a person who would place their health and well being in the integrity of this conversion.
    A photo exists on this forum of someone who had a head first impact with the bitumen after he crushed the frame during a motorized installation - .the frame cracked and opened up beneath him.

    The photo shown is plain life threatening, not only for the operator but potentially for other persons in the way of oncoming wreckage.
    The photo is also a prime example of why legislators/politicians with an agenda want to ban motorized bicycles - because if it saves only one life it a political campaign that's worth destroying a hobby to facilitate their legislative or political ends.

    I desperately hope that dayoffchuck's photo is only a joke; just an attempt at bad humour!
  6. The_Aleman

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    If you were to install that 12lb engine in a model airplane, it would likely just commit suicide.

    Some say a man's ride is an extension of himself. No offense, but in your case, seppuku comes to mind!