SoCal Super Rat

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  1. Mighty Impaler

    Mighty Impaler New Member

    It's a work in progress, but it's basically done...let the mods begin! :)

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  2. Animal454

    Animal454 Member

    Looks great man.

    Hello from Riverside.
  3. wership

    wership New Member

    where did you get the intake for the boost bottle?
  4. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    Nice clean ride... where can i get me one of those clear fuel filters?
  5. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    one similar came with my Whizzer tank... so one place would probably be a Whizzer parts supplier. It's glass and well built.
  6. you can get those glass fuel filters at most any auto parts store. autozone, advance auto. probably napa too, but i havent actually seen one there. im sure they have them though. they look nice. but they are kinda expensive. like $18 or so. and they only have a screen style filter in them. so i rather go with the cheaper plastic fuel filters with the paper element in them. paper filters are better. they catch more particles.

    actually on my bike i use 3 filters. i have the petcock filter in the gas tank, i have a small in-line screen filter, meant for a lawn mower or the like. and then a clear plastic paper in-line filter. aint nothing gonna get through that...

    the glass ones are the best on looks.. and probably over all quality. although it is glass. and i tend to always break things. they are thicker glass though. if there was a glass one with a paper filter i would buy it. but i havent seen one.
  7. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    Found them on Amazon with clear fuel line at a very good price... thanks.

    Got ya covered on that paper element thing... since these glass filters are capable of being taken apart, why not wrap the plastic element in paper coffee filter and roll two tiny O rings over it to hold the paper in place? Its easily replaceable/undo-able.
    Just an idea.
    Ride Free
  8. Trix

    Trix New Member

    Does you SR motor works fine?
  9. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    She runs like a scalded cat... best China doll engine ive ever owned, and I didn't do anything to it other than the usual check out before installation-
    You know...checking the bolts and what not... you know... moron proofing it...LOL
    Im thinking she can take a little bit more compression so im milling one of my other slant heads to swap out... other than that, its just got an SBP pipe on it and that's it... no voodoo... no trick anything.
    I've ordered 2 more, just in
    This one will be the test mule...once its broken in.
    Im going to try a KZ80 ignition and I have a DelOrto carb Id like to try out on it.
    It pulls REAL sweet through the SBP shift kit with the big 48 tooth chain ring, the Pirate centrifugal clutch pack and my 9 speed Shimano cluster...
    Yes... so far the 9 speed is trouble free...
    Just make sure the chain lines are as correct as possible and YES the 9 speed will live.
    So far top speed is in the mid 40s but I know she has more, I've just been coddling it.
    I broke her in on regular 2 stroke oil at 16:1, then 25:1 and im changing to spectro synth. as soon as this tank full runs out...
    At the moment shes running fat... I'm getting like 125MPG... but then again I weigh 265 lbs. and ride it almost every day... I peddle... a lot.
    I intend to lean her out just one jet size.
    I "MIGHT" add a boost bottle... but that's just a maybe.
    So far its superior to the other china girl engines.
    Knowing the cylinders sleeved was worth the extra few bucks.
    I like it!
  10. Mighty Impaler

    Mighty Impaler New Member

    Funny thing about the boost bottle, included in the boost bottle kit was an intake manifold, but the one that came with the kit was a "standard" intake, it had no "platform" to drill and tap the intake for the boost bottle. but the Super Rat motor package came with an intake already mounted that had the "platform" to drill and tap for the boost bottle, go figure.
    I was skeptical about the boost bottle after reading several reviews, I have friends that have booster bottles on bigger 2 stroke motors and they definately work for the larger cc engines, I was n't sure if I'd see much of a differance with such a small cc engine, I noticed a power increase in the low/mid range of the power band and it seems to run smoother as well, I'm satisfied with it.
    I made the air cleaner manifold to handle a large K&N filter, it works very well. I've replaced alot of the "cheezy" nuts and bolts with quality hex head bolts, other then that, its stock, and so fart it runs better and better as I work thru the break in process, lotsafun :)
  11. lickerbox

    lickerbox New Member

    Sick! Great Bike!