SOLD - but Not Sold (maybe)!


Local time
6:52 AM
Apr 30, 2008
Boynton Beach, Fl
Quite an interesting turn of events over the last few days...gone from hating my bike to loving it! I woke up this morning and couldn't wait to go to work!!!

I had a wonderful ride to work this morning...sun is shining, 75 degrees (which will go to 90's by lunch time)...ahhhhh nice.

My motor is starting to break in and get smoother now...I filled up my third tank this morning. No flats...and the gods are possibly smiling down on me...

My eBay sale may not go through! :) The buyer called me yesterday, told me his wife and mother are giving him a hard time...I told him if he pays for the auction, I'll let it go and give him good feedback anyway. (and KEEP my bike)

I'm happy about it because it "appears" that I have solved my flats problems. At least I've been able to ride it around for 3 days now without one!

BTW: The auction ended at $455 + buyer picks up. Not bad, that's about what I've got into it. Good to know...

If he ends up taking it, I'm going to build a new bike with a Titan in it!

So I win win win!
Hahaha!! E-bay is a funny thing.

You have found the secret of life.

Life is not about the daily grind in a cage waiting at the starbucks line in your car and creeping at traffic on the highway day after day after day.

No. Life is looking forward to that next ride waking up at the crack of dawn watching the sun rise while on your bicycle you don't need to pedal pulling up at work and having your work buddies looking all dreaded to start the work day stressed about how much money they put in their tanks holding a lunch for they cannot longer afford to eat out and just dreading life while you are more alert than ever before,your day just breezes by because you're looking forward to your ride home and all this reminds you of when you were 14 riding your bike to school and back at a time when things like bills was not a worry to you and when you look at your whole life and what it means to you it's good all because of that simple bicycle with that engine on there.
That's the fountain of youth.
The fountain of youth.
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Here I am (at work) buying MORE accessories! Looking for a better seat post, and front shocks, and an all-important mirror.

Point me in the right direction! :)