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    Just got off the phone with the casting company, and was told a few "special" heads I designed will be on the way the middle of next week. The heads will be cast in a very limited quanity [3], and will post test results soon. The early tests indicate a 11% increase in flow and will be made with the 10 MM spark plug hole. I designed the head to run much cooler [over 100 degrees] to keep the power consistant. Sometime in the near future the head will be offered as an upgrade, but not until it passes all my tests. This will be "made in America", "designed in America", "tested in America", and subject to "American quality control".

    Have fun,

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    a better head

    Oh boy I'm always looking for an upgrade. My wife will say "oh no not again":smile:Maybe I can buy this & get one up on my friend RDkryton. His bike runs great (I rode it) & he told me he has a special head on his bike.
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    Hey Quenton
    Would this be an upgrade over my "special" head? The way mine runs, it would be hard to beat.

    PS Can I call you tonight?
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    Hi Jim,

    It is similar, but different. The valve pockets are round, made from a different grade of aluminum, and has a much lower combustion chamber height. The new head is designed to lower the operating tempature, and increase the power in the mid to upper RPM range. The combustion chamber will be produced exactly from patterns I supplied, not someone's idea of what I wanted.
    Your "special" head will produce more bottom end power than the new head, but very similar torque & power in the mid-range. Chances are, your current head will go from 0 to 20 MPH quicker, but don't make any bets on top end [50 to 80 MPH] against the newly designed version. The new head will excel at places like Bonneville, but may not like pulling up a hill from a stop. The same company will be making the new head, that made the famous "Weber" reproduction version, and you saw the quality of it at the show in Lewes, DE.
    I will share the test results on this site as soon as possible.
    call anytime........

    Have fun,
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    " This will be "made in America", "designed in America", "tested in America", and subject to "American quality control "
    You make me Proud Quenton ...
    Now if only a certain Motorbike Company would follow your lead ... :cool:
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    Put me on the list!!!

    I'll send the $$$ as soon as they become available!!! I want two, maybe three, for my engines. You so rock my man...!!! :cowboy2:
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    Hey Rif
    I had a feeling you would get on the waiting list. lol
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    Oh for sure. I believe the engine kit, at it's core, is a decent rig. Once I get all the bugs worked out to make all mine run well, and reliably, There's no stoping me ('Round the globe on a whizzer? well maybe not, but you never know with me) from my adventures!!!
    Thanks certainly go out to all those who have continually worked to tweak and improve the basic design!!! :rockon: