Whizzer Carburetor Replacement

OK it's a Kie Hin knock off what size carb is it anyways 20mm or 24mm

Paul knows because he got it from Taiwan, It's a taiwan made Kei Hin knock off
BTW your Whizzer was made in Taiwan
I like Taiwan :) I may pay Paul a visit soon as he lives so close to me. Turns out that he and I went to the same high school. He is class of 58, and I am class of 85 :D.

He showed me his 1951 whizzer that he used to ride to that high school. He lives in Batesville, Indiana, and I'm in Cincinnati. I want to ask him if he can sell me the high lift NE-5 cam and lifters and whatever else everyone mentioned that I should get.
Hi again, I decided to send my WC1 motor to Quenton to replace the cylinder and head.

He said something about the carburetor I sent with the motor but I will speak with him tomorrow to get the details. I am not sure if the carb I sent is 20mm or 24mm. After testing the motor and tuning the carb, Quenton recommended another carburetor - he mentioned that it has two specific letters on it - and I can't remember now what it was, and I think he was referring to a 26mm carb.

I'm hoping that the carb I have will work well enough, but if it gives me trouble down the road, I'd be interested in alternatives like the keihin.
Greetings, after removing the motor on my WC-1, I will install a new cast iron Westman NE-5 cylinder and head that is being discussed in that thread.

After replacing the cylinder and head, I also have a new carburetor. I wanted to get opinions on this.

Is this a good carburetor (made in Japan) for this setup?
Hi, that carburetor is to small, 20mm, for a Ralph Westman jug. I mean you can use it, jetting is the key. Whizzers like lots of air. Best to go with the 22mm carburetor, if you go with the big valves like 26mm intake, then you can go with the 26mm carb.
Ralph's intake port is designed like a Funnel, lots of Options. Use the Latest whizzer pistol, it's the best to date.