Carby Speed Carb problems running lean

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Rampant, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Rampant

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    I have a Speed Carb style carb that I purchased from rock solid engines. Tony said he custom jetted it for a 66cc engine and 36 tooth sprocket. I'm having some problems with the carby. I have the needle set on the 3rd down everything else is on correctly. I seem to have to have partial choke to run properly and I can't run without choke. I'm guessing my engine is running to lean? Maybe drop the needle down again?

    Any ideas? Anyone had past problems with this carb.

    Cheers, Rampant

  2. AussieSteve

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    Have you double-checked for air leaks? That's the most common cause of this problem.
    Usually, your engine won't even run with the choke on.

    With the engine running, try spraying carb cleaner toward suspected leaks. ie. Both ends of the inlet tube. You'll hear a change in revs if there's a leak.
  3. swifty

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    " Maybe drop the needle down again?" To make your engine run richer you will have to raise the needle. This is done by lowering the clip
  4. skrufryder

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    try ba bigger jet