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    i recently purchased a bike form spookytooth. i got the partial assembly. everything was mounted except for the front assembly. i rode the bike for a good 5 months. there some times where i had difficulty's with it. but i got them fixed by a 2-stroke specialist in my home town. about 3 weeks ago i was working on it and cleaning it off. i was cleaning some oil off the frame and i saw that my frame was it two pieces. it was split at the engine mount. i was furious. i spent 700 and did not have the bike for even 6 months. i called spookytooth and all they told me was "i could do a frame swap for 50." i did talk to roland him self. my question is has any one ever had their frame snap. is this caused by engine vibrations? i well also say i cant get the dam bike started. i can let off the cluch and push the bike and hear the piston move.

    i love the motored bike concept but i loathe by bike....

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    rolands been a friend of mine for years. so, if he says he'll swap frames for $50, i'd jump on it.

    you have to understand that many, many things can go wrong.

    remember, you're riding a bicycle with a gas motor.

    cracked frames aren't uncommon.

    people new to these tend to ride them like they're motorcycles, which they most certainly are not.

    its not only caused by engine vibrations, but going 30+mph on something that was designed to do much less. bumps, potholes, etc.
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    I've gotta echo the sentiments of others, 'killerb', and encourage you to roll with it a little. Gotta keep in mind something like the motto of Clint Eastwood in ... what was the movie? Heartbreak Ridge?

    "Improvise, adapt, overcome." (hey, is there a sentiment that better captures the finer aspirations of the American culture?)

    I've got a Spooky, too. While I only have about 30 miles on it so far, I've been spending my time tinkering, tweaking, and taking it slow getting to know the bike. I plan to ride it to work regularly, but don't trust it as far as I can throw it just yet.

    $700 isn't chump change, but compared to a real motorcycle or scooter, it's dirt cheap. Bicycle parts are also dirt cheap, comparatively. In return for simple, cheap transportation, there's a big burden on us to ... improvise, adapt, and overcome.

    Weld the frame or take Roland up on his offer to replace it for $50. I've read about lots of cracked frames and other things in my short time here so far. Folks on this forum know so much about this stuff, it frankly stuns me.

    I really hope this experience won't spoil your fun, but I can sure understand the feeling. I have a low frustration tolerance, and have to remember to counter my ready inclination to think like Eeyore when something is a snafu.