Sprocket Centering



I installed the sprocket last night and even though it looked almost perfectly true in both radial and axial run out, when I put the chain on it, it goes through the looser/tighter cycle. The chain goes from perfect to slightly loose.

Is it possible that's the chain? It wasn't real bad. How much variation in chain tighteness do you veterns see?

I know dax says you can have a millmeter of run out (seems excessive) but mine wasn't that much off, the run out side to side was nearly imperceptible. There was no run out to my eye radially.

Run it?
run it, cautiously...you're about to be amazed at how much a chain can stretch, eventually you'll be finished adjusting the tensioner and should be fine after that.
i ran into this myself and went ape-s#*t :censored: trying to figure it out. turns out the chain itself had a stretched section after it came off and got wedged between the sprocket and frame
Yep, just keep an eye on it. I typicall adjust my chains a little tighter than spec on a new install and am amazed by how much they stretch to the perfect tension over the next 1-2 hours of use. Keep it lubed up nice and good to prevent any galling associated with a new chain.

Keep your initial rides short. You will have lots of tightening to do of wheels, sprocket mount bolts, chain tensioner, engine mount bolts, intake/exhaut bolts...you name it odds are it will need a tweaking. THis, of course assumes you didn't use loctite.
Forgot to mention, runout is not as critical wtih the 415 standard chain...plenty of space to accomodate any runout. However, this doesn't apply with 081 chain which is unforgiving of the small amount of runout/imbalance.
I must have a 415 despite what dax says on eBay, because the chain I got was supposed to be a .081, but it's got so much side to side play it is worse than most worn out motorcycle chains! Seems way heavier than a bicycle chain though.

I'll run it an keep an eye on it.
it is even harder to center and true if you need 5 rubber rings on outside of spokes to clear tire :LOL: :LOL:, way more movement when tightening

I have re-done my wheel about 10 times and it's close, but still no cigar :p
Curious, where did you get the extra rubber rings? I could use some more but would rather make them or buy them locally and avoid mail order.