Sprockets sprocket on motor won't turn/wiring

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  1. Ja22

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    hey guys is the sprocket supposed to be so hard to turn? because the one i have i have to use the spark plug tool to turn it, am I supposed to be able to just turn it with my finger?

    Also i have a wiring issue i have 6 wires in total a blue and black from the ignition box. A white, blue and a black coming from the motor. lastly a yellow and a green wire coming from the kill switch. how would i wire this properly?

  2. Chris Crew

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    Look on this forum--there are a couple of different approaches to the wiring.

    My first kit was extremely hard to turn at first--later it worked fine. You may want to shoot a little oil into the cylinder and let it run down and try it again.
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    Hey. try taking spark plug out of motor. It will turn over easiler. unless your trying to start it.
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    besides taking the spark plug out, disengage the clutch (squeeze the clutch handle in if you have the clutch cable hooked up).
    the reason why the engine sprocket is so hard to turn is because you are trying to turn the engine over with your fingers. the spark plug is making the cylinder have compression which adds to your problem. if the clutch is engaged, you are basically trying to turn the clutch, crank shaft, connecting rod and piston with your fingers on that small sprocket.
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  5. Al.Fisherman

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    From the coil...
    cut and tape off white wire. (not used)
    black goes to black on CDI (black box)
    blue to blue on CDI
    From kill switch...don't be concerned about colors.
    One wire to blue on CDI
    One wire to black on CDI.