sprockets for manic mechanic adapter

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by jared8783, May 20, 2010.

  1. jared8783

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    does anyone know where to get sprockets for manic mechanics adapter from?

    i know pirate cycles has them but they only have 36, 40, and 48 and i need one somewhere between 54-60 ,
    i know you can obviously get them from manic mechanic but there is no telling when you will receive those

    also, does any one have any tips on buying another sprocket and drilling the holes for the adapter?
    i have a 44 tooth from manic that i guess i could use as a stencil but am still concerned on how i will center the holes properly

    has anyone done this before?
    how did you do it?


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  3. jared8783

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    I have one ordered already and am seeking an alternative in the meantime
  4. HI,

    We can machine any size sprocket for his adapter....you can PM me for more info..

  5. What I would love to know is how to get one of those sprockets for the narrower Grubee chain!???

    Jim turned one down for me before they started selling wholesale only to dealers. I've not found a dealer yet that has any available for the thinner chain and I doubt they'll be buying a stack of 50 of them any time soon. Anyone know who's got em? Mine has worked great and I've got to think that other folks with a Grubee engine (uses a thinnner chain) have used, or want this sprocket.