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    Hey Guys, I am toally new to motorized bicycles, but have fabricated many things with motors! Inspired by my 90 year old
    father to build his dream of many years. I contacted staton inc ,with the purpose of buying an inside drive kit for a trike. I purchased the kit ,so I thought on July 19, With many busy signals and unanswered emails,i was contacted on July 24 that (this will ship in the mourning).July 30 email,( just wondering when i may see my kit).Aug 1st email from staton (this will ship today).Today is Aug 6 and no delivery. I am very discouraged ! David,s reveiws are great ,and I cant wait to get to my dad,s trike build! Any info on the status of Staton-inc? To busy to answer? Vender issues? backlogged?
    I want this kit , my father can't wait forever!!!
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  2. darwin

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    I've never had a problem with Staton, stuff happens just be patient. If he said it was shipped that I do not understand if it hasn't yet. Just keep trying to contact him. I'm pretty sure besides raw stock they machine alot of their parts themselves. I'm confident you will not get ripped off. Maybe someone got fired, could be anything. Welcome to the forum.
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    I can't really even guess what might be wrong. But Staton has a name around here, so even if there was some kind of snafu I'm sure it will arrive sooner or later.

    Sometimes we do have to wait a bit longer than we'd like for these kits and parts.

    So welcome aboard. You'll have fun.
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    Let the forum know how this unfolds if some thing is not right people should know wassup, please.
  5. grinningremlin

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    Hang in there

    It's probably the shipper, I received my EHO35V this monday (Aug-6), took 5 days total to receive and I live in the next state (less than 500 miles away).I had a few questions about it so I called and first talked to Thad (I think that was his name) granted I let it ring more than 5 times, and he had Dave call me back, which he did.
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    **thumbs down for staton-inc,22 days since my order, talked to David yesterday, he said that if he said my order was shipped "it was shipped".I have TWO emails stating it was shipped! july 24,aug 1. No ryme, no reason,no tracking number! It seams that he's being undermined by whoever is answering the emails! :confused::shout: WAIT, JUST RECEIVED A UPS EMAIL!!! THANKS DAVID,DONT'LET CRAPPY HELP TARNISH YOUR UPSTANDING NAME!
  7. Alaskavan

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    Staton is known (among some) for poor communications. However, they are also known for a superior product.
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    Hey Paul, Dja ever get that kit? In my dealings with Dave, I regret
    to say, he has not been entirely truthful. While the quality of most
    of his products is good, there are some a notch below so-so if you
    get my drift. I've spent considerable amount of time wrangling with
    him over a defective part to no avail. hope you fair better.
  9. oldfurr

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    For what it's worth I ordered a roller kit over the computer Mon. night got an e-mail from UPS Tue. saying a shipping label had been generated & received it Fri. A.M., but have not gotten a reply to my e-mail regarding some chain drive questions from last week. All changes ( throttle/bearings ) & parts ordered arrived.

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  10. LR Jerry

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    Well I've dealt with Staton Inc for a few years now. So orders may take longer if custom work is being done. However after you get your kit you'll be very satisfied with the quality of the kit.