Staton R/S Friction First Ride

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Daniel_62, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Daniel_62

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    Just took her out for a 4 mile run, was very precautious about revving
    All I have to compare is my Grubee gt5 2 stroke

    It runs very smooth, 15-20 mph is very comfortable and it seems like a sweet spot for the Motor

    to me it seems like the 4 stroke pulls my 235# with alot less effort
    than the 2 stroke,

    I really like it. I don't really care for the small tank capacity
    but Statons 96 oz tank may be a solution

    thanks for all the good info guys


  2. Happy Valley

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    Congrats and enjoy, you should be in for many hours of trouble free riding!

    TREEWK Member


    Congrat`s, can you tell us more about your build and some pic`s if poss.

    Thanks for sharing.