Stolen Stolen in Portland, OR

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    Schwinn Black Del Mar Cruiser with white wall black tires, frame mount motor, rear rack w/saddle bag on right side. More details:
    - 66cc slant head 2-stroke, black exhaust
    - red intake cover
    - new tank and still shines
    - front wheel is a dyno / brake hub that powers the front bullet style light
    - rear tail light is a mini bullet style light powered by the engine
    - rear rack with saddle bag on the right side
    - bike was clean and should look new
    - Taken July 27 - July 30th
    - special identifying marks - there are two magnets on the front wheel and the wireless speedo on the handlebars is dead.
    - It has a custom chain idler with a piece of aluminum diagonally mounted at the rear of the frame with a slot for adjustment. It was painted black.

    Taken sometime between July 27 and July 30th in the Irvington area of Portland. I have more pictures and details if you know of such bike. Some one was watching me as I've kept in my fenced back yard covered for over a year with not that much use.

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    Ouch! I am sorry to hear of another MB getting stolen.
    I hope you get it back in as good of shape as you left it.