Street Legal?



Are Motorized bicycles legal for street use anywhere? Has anyone tried to register or tag theirs in their home state? I keep getting different opinions from the police officers who have stopped me here where I live.

Lynn Hemrick
Decatur, AL
Hey Lynn,

I'm of the Thatsdax radical school of thought, see the legal section.

I have sold bikes in 11 counties now, NO problems that I know of, Jasper, Bham, a bunch in the Jefferson County municipalities. I have one guy in Hartselle.

That radical sidecar beauty you have can't easily squirt along a sidewalk unnoticed, but regular 2 wheelers are having zero problems especially here in Cullman County, where about 20 GEBE's are buzzing around.

I tell my customers if they have a problem, I'll come testify in court with them if they plead NOT guilty and use the " Motor Assisted Bicycle Under 49cc Defense."

Find Joey in Trinity, he could probably fill you in on Morgan County rules and regs, but likewise, he has a 2 wheeler: