Sure wish Moto Morini would import this hub motor assy.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by OldPete, Jun 8, 2007.

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    thats awesome pete.
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    I saw this Morini about a year ago and have never forgotten its sweet intent.
    Moto Morini had some real racing success in the early post war years in the 125cc and maybe the 250cc class.

    Moms 'n pops would ride bikes with those. In the EU, pedal assisted bicycles are limited to the pedal bike speed limit of 20mph within city limits.

    Ducati made electronics, radios and cameras, pre-WWII. Post war, this was the engine that got them up and running again. Italy needed transportation and this little guy did it. It's a real collector's item now.


    It is an OHV 4 stroke with pull rods to open the valves.


    A 1949 Italian Bicycle w/Cucciolo

    Just for fun, I should ask a friend of mine in Greece to price the Morini for me. I doubt I would get much of a responce here in The States.
  4. Indeed, it's too bad they don't import those.

    I wonder what it takes to get one shipped?
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    Well it ain't no hot rod that's for sure but for inner city or college campus or any low speed need it sure is the ticket.

    A 19 to 1 reduction @ 7k rpm = about 28mph w/a 26" tire.

    This Morini is 27.7 to 1 reduction @ 6k rpm might see 18mph. Its max torque is at 3k rpm or 9mph. Just right for head winds or hills filled with pedestrians.
    Might be able to smuggle one in if it were disassembled abit and called "parts". :grin:

    The new Tanaka strokers are CARB II compliant, meet EPA tier II and they had to resort to a CAT in the muffler to do it.

    This monster is not an answer to anybodies question. I give you the *drum roll*... Revo Power Wheel! A heavy spinning front wheel make handling slow and awkward.


    Yep! The whole engine spins the front wheel. Sheesh! Some WW I aeroplanes used prop motors like that.

    A German m/c from 1922 called the Magola Sport. It had hadling problems at speed (>30mph).


    Back on topic: That's why I fell for this tiny motor gearbox w/a wet centrifugal clutch. The power unit is the rear hub. A set of good spokes, re-lace the wheel and you're done. It's just too simple. *shakes head*
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    I always wondered if it was possible to stick the revopower wheel in the rear wheel, some workarounds would be needed, obviously, but is it possible?
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    Gotta put the pedal power chain some where. That Revo fills the drop outs pretty good.
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    Dude, that Revo wheel- the engine stays stationary and the wheel spins around it.
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    Ha, that thing must fal plugs every 10 feet... :p :p
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    Sure wish Moto Morini would import this Hum assy.

    The engine you are looking for is manufactured Morini Franco Motori who produces only engines. MotoMorini is a different company. The FM128 is a 28cc engine imported by a Pennsylvania company by the name of Herdan. Look up Franco Morini Kickbut Engines and you will find it. This is the engine I have and I am bvery pleased withit so far. It does not come with anything other than the engine and hub. So you will need to put together a parts package to run it. It has taken me a little effort to loacate all the parts i need, my biggest hurdle has been the 12g/.105" spokes. You will also need a heavy rim, I am going with an Alexrims DM-18 because it does not have any eyelets to interfear with drilling out the rim for the larger spoke nipples. I am useing a Tecumseh fuel tank and valve with chinese controls, but the stuff at 'thatsdax' looks good to. The people at Herdan have been very nice and heplful, they even sent pictures of a bike they have assembled with this engine.
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    How quiet is it?

    The right side of the hub accepts what type of drive from the chain wheel, single speed, freewheel or casssette?

    Could you possibly post the pics Herdan sent you of their build and your's too?

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    Cassette. I'll be happy to post the Herdan photos and some of my own as soon as figure out how to make these things work. I've always been a 'Fold, Spindle & Mutilate' sort of fellow and computers are things I have had to grudgingly accept.
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    I understand. My typing teacher in school told me the only reason she didn't fail me was because I worked so hard at it. But she also said that if I ever came through her classroom door again for any office machine class I would be failed on the spot. It pained her so much to watch me for that year that she would never suffer another student like me again.