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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by brendonv, Oct 7, 2008.

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    Well guys ive just installed a 48cc happytime engine on my mountain bike but the seat just doesnt cut it, so im looking for a new seat. Theres many out there, which is the best. First of all the place i will probably buy the seat from ( kmart or Big-W ) stock Schwinn products so im hoping they have the big schwinn seat a lot of people have that is like a chair, if you dont no what im talking about its here:

    This seat has mixed reviews, good and bad. I want a real comfortable seat, next is gel seats. I no my local stores listed above stock many nice looking gel seats, dunno the brands but they seem comfy, wasnt looking for a seat at the time so i didnt look well but they look nice.

    Next is gel overlays or seat covers, there a thin layer of gel seat that u put over ur seat. There cheap but i dont no if they would do the job.

    What is everyones opinion on the best seat?

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  2. Mountainman

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    we wish to protect our VITAL WORKING PARTS

    and that large seat looks like a good start

    when it's late at night and the time is right turn on MB light get it in sight

    and --

    Ride That Thing Mountainman
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  3. JE

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    Electra has some nice seats.I've got one on my Whizzer.
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    Looking for a better seat myself too....

    I am starting to think, the bigger the better when it comes to seats!
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    There are tractor-style seats available. I don't have a pointer, but I've seen them on the web.

    My understanding - I haven't tested this - is that "noseless" seats are dangerous when turning because they can't resist you sliding sideways and thus off your bike!
  6. Mountainman

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    sliding off "noseless" seats

    yes - our seats help greatly at times - helping to hold us in place

    I was eyeing up a "noseless" seat the other day
    regarding medical reasons for men
    they are a plus in that area
    but - with the thought of sliding off

    I wish to JUST SAY NO -- at this time anyway

    when we are in the middle of

    ride that thing Mountainman

    the last thing we want to be doing is -- SLIDING OFF !!!!
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    Go ahead and drop some cabbage on a Bontrager! I've got this one and I love it! The seat cushion is sitting on a "hammock" of springs and the whole thing is set on two coil springs. By the way, it's rail mount, not post. Didn't look to see what bike you have, but this might present a problem.
  8. I have a Diamond Velo seat on my cruiser style MB. Highly recommended. I got it from Spooky Tooth for $40. Do not waste your money on a WalMart 'gel' seat. Not worth a ####. On my Velo, I ride all afternoon with comfort, and it's bouncy! I look like Eddie Arnold driving the tractor on my favorite TV show, 'Green Acres'. (duh duh duh dut dut... dut dut!... and so forth)

    Mr. Haney
  9. available in tan or black
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    Cloud 9 seats get my vote. 500+ miles on the bike and no
    complaints. Just got in from 35+ mile ride and still feel great.
    We have had cloud 9 seats for years on our pedal bikes and
    everybody loves them. Thanks / Buck
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    i need a real comfy seat as i got a bony but and any hard seat hurts. Those spring seats dont seem to have any padding so i dont think thats me. My BMX bike has a nice seat and now i got the MB i hardly ride it so i might just switch em around. Save some money haha.
  15. CalgarysFool

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    #2 there on ebay-oz, looks like the saddle I got with my spookytooth bike. Looks exactly like it except for the name.

    I cant get the seat tight enough to the post -- presumably because of springy flex in the "rail" that forms part of the spring. I hit a bump, and the seat tilts up!

    Also, the seat always looks dilapidated-- the rear springs don't remain oriented properly, but lean over to the side! It's not like an elephant sat on that seat -- I'm only 190 lbs!

    Maybe it's a different company making that seat, and the quality it better.

    It sure is a nice looking seat, though. And it looks great on the bike. Just a couple down sides to that seat you might not expect.

  16. brendonv

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    yeh ill look at gel seats and stuff.
  17. CalgarysFool

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    The spring seat is actually comfy, except for the annoying problem noted, because the leather conforms to the shape of your butt -- probably even bony ones, and the springs do the work that padding does less well.

    Most bicycle seats are padded with some sponge or something, that feels like it would be pretty good when you press your fingers into it, but, of course, it's not your fingers that press down with such little force when you ride. The physics are different.

    Sponge compresses, and you have a hard plastic/fiberglass/whatever support structure pressing on your bony butt.

    Leather flexes to spread it's support over the contact surface, and the springs provide for even and distributed "give" with the bumps.

    With a regular seat? The pressure points take the hit.

    I think the sprung seat is the better concept, and a seat material that can conform, like leather, is ideal. You may note that that sprung seat has no "frame" around which the leather is wrapped. It is suspended between the 3 springs...a bit like a hammock.
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    Wow thats different.
  19. bigsugar999

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    expensive, but, a brooks seat like this one might do it ... which is what i plan on using for a stretch cruiser ...
  20. proline20

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    Those schwinn noseless are not comfortable, tried one and took it back after an hour of riding.