The northern part of Vietnam is the best place for a motorcycle tour

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  1. riderman

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    Dear all,

    The north east and the north west of Vietnam are surely good destinations to realize a motorbike tour. This is also the best way to visit deeply Vietnam and its people.

    IMG_0509.jpg IMG_0553.jpg IMG_0578.jpg

  2. Fabian

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    I agree with you completely.
    A friend of mine spent 3 weeks in the northern parts of Vietnam riding a genuine Vietnamese Sufat 110cc motorbike.

    He described the mountains and time on the motorbike as an awe inspiring journey, not to mention the historical significance of the war era in that part of the country.
  3. riderman

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    Dear Fabian,

    Yes, the north of Vietnam is so mystic and personnally, I think Ha Giang'region is the best one to do a motorbike tour. With 7 days trip, we could explore the far north centre including Dong Van karst mountain:



  4. Fabian

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    Having said that, he did the trip on his own (against my better advise), thinking that he was a "real explorer" and didn't need anyone's help; consequently, he got himself into all sorts of trouble; the net result being that he didn't have a very enjoyable trip.

    A motorcycle tour with a group of like minded people is by far the most enjoyable way to do a trip.

    Your photos show stunningly beautiful scenery and as we all know, photos never do justice to the beauty of the real thing.
  5. cpuaid

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    i spent 2 weeks around the Ho Chi Minh area 15 years ago but wasn't able to venture that far north. and thinking about going alone on mopeds or motorbikes back then would have been suicidal. Vietnam is really such a beautiful country and I found the people to be charming and friendly. your pictures brought back many fond memories. awesome pictures, thank you for sharing.
  6. wheelbender6

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    Hanoi is said to be the motor scooter capital of the world. More scooters than mosquitos there.
  7. riderman

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    Good morning,

    Yes, in Vietnam we have around over 35 millions of motorbike. This is the most important mean of transport, we could say, the motorbike is our daily friend!!! and if you come to Vietnam for visit, motorbiking is the best one to do and you will enjoy the riding with vietnamese people everywhere.

    You could reach the ethnic villages or conquer the several passes that with car, you can not!