Fuel Mixture The oil is only for the gasoline?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by FunkBike, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. FunkBike

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    As far as i know, engines need to have oil. Even some 2-stroke engines need oil in (what they call here in my country) the machine.

    Im on a classic raleigh bike with a 49/66cc brandless engine kit. Thanks for your help.

    Also, i'm getting a lot of leaking on the carbureator, the exaust joint, the spark plug joint, and from every joint of the engine.

    I have a week with this. Have runed 2 tanks(1gallon). I feel is loosing power.

    Do you recommend any additive for the gas?

    Im on 16/1 oil mix.

    Thanks for all and sorry for my bad english. Anyone here who speaks spanish? Gracias!

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    The only oil that is used in a 2 stroke will be the oil that you mix with the gasoline (I use synthetic, Amsoil other brands are also good). Although I will use straight oil during instillation of bearings, and rings..etc. Do not use oil designed for Marine use unless you have to..
    I'd recommend you change the plug and wire, The Chinese plugs and wires are a bunch of junk. You can do it now or have to do it later.

    Where on the carburetor? The primer plunger?
    Exhaust joint..where, the head to the exhaust pipe?

    Only recommend two additives. Stabilizer, if it's going to set over a season (a few months), and Seafoam about every 500 miles.

    I run 32:1... others run 50:1 or greater. 16:1 too much oil.
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  3. FunkBike

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    Thanks for the fast reply!

    I changed the spark plug and now is working better. Im runnin my third tank right now. Still on 16:1
    What do you recommend? Inmediately change to 32:1 or gradually change it to 20:1 then 24:1 ect...

    I'll upload a video of the carbureator to show you the fuel escapes. Actually, is from the bottom most screw and from the air filter... I think the engine is not receiving enought air because of that.

    Thanks again!
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    I started out at 16:1 for 2 tanks, then to 20:1 for 2 tanks, at 32:1, and thinking about 50:1
  5. MotorBicycleRacing

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    16:1 is too much oil and is based on a Chinese old wives tale. :ack2:

    That's 8 oz of oil per gallon. Only noobs use that much oil in their engines.
  6. ddesens

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    just switch to 32:1 right away. no need to go gradually or anything. will not hurt a thing.
  7. FunkBike

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    Doing it but having another problem

    That's what the manual said. i think it was good for the first 2 tanks. now i'm running in what i think is 20:1 or 24:1
    After this tank i'll change to 32:1

    I'm having this other problem. When i accelerate, if i turn the accelerator too fast the engine stops. and is taking too long to start in the morning, more than it used to do when it was new.

    Someone told me it was the carburetor. What you think is?

    Thanks again!
  8. V 35

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    Your carb float may not be closing the needle valve. That would cause ' overfloating ' The needle valve shuts off fuel when bowl is * almost * full, allows a little room for air. A bad valve fills carb all the way / no air, the fuel has to go somewhere, so it leaks into the engine
    overly richening the mixture. For what they cost, and what they do, a new carb is probably a good idea. Use your old one for spare parts.

    Sounds like you ride a lot, consider replacing chinese chain, as 3 tankfuls of gas would probably wear one of those asian wonders out.