Things to look for in a bike.

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  1. Brinson

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    I'm going to go to Walmart soon (maybe tonight) and buy a bike to put the engine kit I'm buying on. Kit should be here running out of time!

    I know a more expensive non-walmart bike would be better, but...on the cheap, what should I look for? Steel frame I assume? What size tires? 26"? Would larger wheels move it faster and smaller wheels slower?

    General advice?

  2. i just finished my first build with a bike i bought at walmart. i bought a "schwinn delmar". the bike works pretty decent. i did have a little trouble with chain clearence but not much. also i had to mount the engine a little more crooked than i wanted to. it leans forward too much. which in turn makes the carburetor lean forward also. and it is possibly making the engine not run as well as it could. but it runs...

    i also bought another bike from walmart. a huffy. i cant remember the name right now, buts its blue and has cream colored fenders. i havent tried to set a kit up on the bike but i think it might work better than the schwinn delmar. also it has WAYYY better rims. the rims on the schwinn are very thin and a magnant wont stick to them. but the rims on the huffy are thick and a magnant does stick. also the huffy was i think $85 and the schwinn was $120. the only thing i dont like about the huffy is the seat. the springs are a little weak for my 245 pounds and it bends back too far when i set on it. also i like the handle bars on the schwinn better. it makes me feel a little safer for some reason. the schwinn is over all a tiny bit bigger seeming than the huffy. and over all i liked the schwinn better. but the rims suck! thats why i switched them with the rims from the huffy. i would say go with the huffy. and the only thing you may need/want is a better seat. unless you weigh less than me, than you might not need it. but if you buy the schwinn you should either have some better rims to put on it, or im sure they will bend up very quickly and you'll be out buying new ones soon anyways.

    both these bikes are cruiser style bikes. im not sure if thats what your looking for or not. but they are really the only bikes i see at walmart that will work. all the mountain bikes have suspension set ups that are in the way. and there are 2 "comfort" style bikes that MIGHT work. but i am not sure. but for sure the schwinn delmar and the huffy cruiser bikes will. the only real problem is you will have to drill threw the frame for the bottom motor mount. because the frame is just too thick. you might be able to rig your self up some type of thing and not have to drill. but i was eager to get the thing put together and drilling was the fastest easiest way for me. although i didnt want to really do it because im sure it weakens the whole frame but im not sure how badly...

    another good thing about the schwinn delmar is it has a really strong rear rack. almost strong enough where i can set on it. so for someone weighing like, id say 220 pounds or less, it could almost act like a rear seat and you could have another rider if you wanted.

    what engine kit to you have? you can send me an e-mail if you want to talk about anything. like i said i just built a bike a couple weeks ago. and it was my first build. and i have been tinkering with it alot and i have learned quite a bit. and had to solve alot of different issues big and small. and im still working on a couple. so if you need help with anything i might be able help. especially if you buy one of the bikes i mentioned. sicne i have the same ones. (p.s. my kit is an SD STINGER) Ron

    p.p.s also yes you want to look for a 26 inch bike. i guess 24 inch will also work, yet it might be a little tight when trying to mount your engine. and if your big like me 6'2'' 245 you want the biggest bike you can get. i wish they made a 32'' bike or something! also another thing about the 2 cruiser bikes i mentioned. i had a big problem with the brakes on the schwinn. they have rear pedal brakes. which can be used because they are the "free wheel" type. yet they are put together and made crappy (walmart) and the brakes want to lock up or stop working. another reason why i switched the rims from the huffy with the rims that came on the schwinn. besides crappy thin rims, crappy brakes as well! thats way i say you should just buy the huffy cruiser. much better bike id say. and cheaper. you just might need a more sturdy seat, but other than that you should be good to go!
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  3. Dave C

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    75 degrees between the seat post and the lower frame. Disk brakes. A wide crankset.

    ...bells..whistles...all of them ;)
  4. wbuttry

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    that crappy bike by huffy you call it is a huffy cranbrook what most of these are made with. And to top it all off they are the best bike to use the Schwin I"ve seen it don't think it is steel. I think alloy i would"nt buy that schwin. Walmart also carries on called op ocean pacific. Another cruiser aluminum alloy thin rims also . Im not like a lot of you i cant afford to go to a high dollar bike shop. I get my bike from flea markets and auctions and private sales.
  5. retromike3

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    good used Vs. bad new

    The same amount of cash will buy you a badly made new bike or a well made used one. I would stay away from the Huffy/new Schwin bike unless your willing to spend about three hundred dollars. The frame and components have a hard time dealing with the quarter horse power you can generate let alone the two to three that a engine can. Last time I checked you can get a good used bike with a decent frame and better parts for close to that price of a badly built new bike.

    Its been awhile since I bought a complete bike so I may be off but Im thinking that I am not that far off the mark.

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    I to would buy a good used bike over a < I thing bad new cheeped bike >.You can
    find cheeper good bikes on craigslist.
  7. i didnt say the huffy was crappy. i said it was the better of the 2. better than the schwinn. the only thin i didnt like on the huffy (cranbrook) is the seat. because the springs are too weak for my weight. i ended up buying both. the worst part of the schwinn are the rims. they are way too thin and weak. and also my handbars have started to seem like they are getting weak. i have the engine on the schwinn. and put the rims from the huffy on the schwinn. i dont know how long it will hold up. i weigh 245 and have road the bike about 15 miles. and it already seems like its getting weak. i would love to use an old bike but all mine got stollen. i had a ross that would have worked perfect. and was the best bike ever had. but someone stole it! also had a good old sears frame. but my friends family threw it out. i agree that an old bike would work much better. maybe something actually made in america. but he was asking about bikes at walmart and thats what i was telling him about. hopefully i can find an old bike here shortly. i want to start on another build ; ) i really dont think i like the SD STINGER. i have to heat it up with a hair dryer before it will start. and if i run if for 30 minutes and then park it for 15. i have to heat it up with the hair dryer all over again. its a pain! hopefully it not that way in the summer time!
  8. bikerer ron

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    My bikes < used one >

    I have a Eddy Bauer soft tail,vortex front fork,7/speed.I paid $70.00 for.
    Put a 66cc with a < Sick Bike shift kit >.And a Schwinn OCC I gave
    $50.00 for and put a 66cc on
    Thair is good used ones around.
  9. im sure there are good old bikes. theres a guy in town that fixes bikes i was going to go see. i dont know anything about him but i figure he might have some older stuff around he might sell me. how do those shift kits work? i have been wondering about them.
  10. RedBaronX

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    The shift kit sold by Sick Bike Parts allows the motor to drive the back wheel using the regular bike chain on the right while still allowing for full bicycle function. Having the motor drive the bike with the bicycle chain allows you to shift your bike as if you were pedaling... so that means your bike will need a shifting hub or a derailleur
  11. bikerer ron

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    The kit it priceie but worth it.It pulls hills better and alot more top end.
  12. Hammond Egger

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    Don't drill a hole in the frame to mount the motor, order a front mount from sick bike parts. I have both a Schwinn Landmark and a Huffy Cranbrook. Say what you want about the Schwinn but I've been pulling an Aosom large trailer loaded with a Kamp-Rite oversize tent cot, a two person kayak and about another 100 pounds of supplies all over with no problems.
  13. Brinson

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    I don't want to drill in the frame at all. Just seems like a terrrible idea long term. I'm going to go like at a bike shop that sells used bikes after work today.

    The kit I bought says that you can use extra long bolts with the spacer on thicker bars. Anyone tried this instead of drilling in the frame?

    As far as walmart bikes, the cranbrook I did see, and it looks nice...but looks like it would be hard to mount an engine on. Do you need to drill for that frame?
  14. i kinda get how they work. but i was more wondering how they perform. what do people think of them, do they work well, do they add to the performance...?
  15. bikerer ron

    bikerer ron New Member

    You should not need to drill in the frame,but I would go to a hardwear store and get
    better and longer bolts.The bolts and nuts in the engine kits are poor.
  16. Brinson

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    Just went to the bike store and looked at their used bikes...bare minimum they start at $150, $200 for any made in the last 10 years...

    Not really willing to spend that much. Might just buy the cranbrook for $89.99.
  17. Brinson

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    Found a guy on craigslist with a Giant Boulder mountain bike about my size that's less than these walmart bikes. Planning to go see him tomorrow.

    Any ideas about this bike?
  18. retromike3

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    the one I have is OK

    I have an old Giant frame that I modified so that it has a track type drop outs. I set it up with a derailleur hanger off the right side so I can put my eight speed set up and not have to use a idler pulley (I have had bad luck with them in the past)

    I like steel frames because I can do something with them.

  19. Brinson

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    You think the Giant frame is high quality?
  20. retromike3

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    gaint frame

    Well, the quality from what I have seen has been pretty good but its like buying a Ford it can be a GT40 or a Pinto there both Fords but at different ends of the spectrum. Giant builds a decent quality bike but just because its got a Giant sticker doesn't mean it the right one for you. As for me, all I bought was the frame and i did not keep it stock. I also had to get a Sick Bike Part adapter so my engine would fit on the oversized tubes.

    I like the welds on the frame. They look like top quality workmanship. The reason I got the frame was It was a really good price. Problem was that the bottom bracket was rusted in so tight that it broke my BB tool, so I wound up paying more than I thought. Even with that It wasn't that bad of a deal.

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