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    I've suggested we do something like this for a long time and just don't have the time to dig for the posts from the wayback machine, so I'll just post this TEMPLATE here so that somebody can run with it....

    Email I received from a gun forum...

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    Sparky, how many people from Mississippi are on this forum? I see that nobody else had done anything or said anything, but the laws here are really against us, even the electric assist bikes are technically illegal. We NEED those laws changed, and maybe we could get a copy of the bill Arizona to use as a model and find someone to sponsor the bill...and get everybody to get on everybody's behind to push to get it passed?

    I'd love to see Mississippi more friendly to motorized bikes!
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    Ron Paul would be pro motorbike! Look into him, he's a TX Congressman running for President but the R Party will probably not nominate him. Now is the time to show your support. Join his FB page and throw comments on line! He'd be a great leader!
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    Presidents are not going to make much difference on state laws regarding motored bikes. That's a state-by-state issue, and it needs addressing at the state level. We need to focus efforts in making laws where they do the most good, it's hard enough to get people together for a cause and get them to DO something.
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    First of all... the intent of this thread is NOT state specific. The OP was intended for users across the country to contact the Florida legislature. This is something I have proposed that we do to the ONLY non-friendly MB state, which is New York. Set a day for all of MBc to pound them and we'd probly see some effect that could not possibly be negative considering how bad NY already is. They couldn't take away anything at all because they feel threatened that people know how and care enough to petition the government!!

    Mississippi's laws are already friendly toward motorized bikes, actually. You just gotta know where to look instead of making presumptions like some police officers have done around me a few years back, claiming that it's a motorcycle (which it technically was, because the pedal crank was off, so no pedal chain, so no bicycle!!). Have you had any trouble with cops??

    See here...

    Go to the Law Library and look up that section in the annotated MS Code, then get a copy of that page with the Attorney General's opinion on it and carry it around.

    As long as I've been able to pedal alongside the motor, I have had no issue at all. They don't ask for name, license, nothing... just the typical MB questions. :D

    MB requirements in Mississippi -- MUST have pedals, AT LEAST one brake, and a headlight & rear reflector AT NIGHT. That is all. You've got to obey traffic signs and signals as well, but any bicyclist should know that. ;)

    EDIT: Here are some threads I've bookmarked because I thought they had decent ideas within (and were recently added to the Crash Course)...
    - Legal stuff (2) (3) (4) (5)
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    I've already been warned not to discuss politics here on the board, so I've got to choose my words carefully.

    There's more than one way to skin a cat.

    If you decide a law is unjust, you could begin a campaign to have your local representative initiate a bill to have the law changed.


    You could appeal conviction to higher courts when you are found guilty of violating that statute or ordinance.

    IMO, this makes the most sense.

    The process is a fast-track, as compared to amending existing legislation.

    Within our anglo-saxon body of law is a tenet that no man is bound to obey bad law.
    It is null and void from it's inception.
    This recognizes fact, that mistakes are made in everything, from time to time.

    There are two kinds of law.
    Those that deal with obvious damage to persons or property, such as violence and theft.
    Then there are all the administrative and beaureaucratic edicts found within statues and ordinances which, though loosely called 'law', are NOT.
    They are political ideals enacted by one group, or other, codified to be impressed upon others by the law enforcement growth industry.

    Just how WE, here at MBc can not discuss improvement in personal transport without running afoul of the CARB and other beaureaucrats which will soon be coming to YOUR neighborhood, I find it a distinct contradiction to this subject matter that there is not at least an area of the board where politics of the matter may be discussed.
    Politics is the business of getting along with each other, which is an admirable goal.
    Not only should we discuss it, we NEED to discuss it, in detail.

    More than that, I guess I'm not allowed to say, here.
    Good luck to you,
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    I just now ran across this explanation at which seems to be an interesting site.

    Crime Classifications

    Mala In Se

    Mala in se is a term that signifies crime that is considered wrong in and of itself. The distinguishing characteristic of crimes mala in se is not their severity, but that the citizenry feels they are morally wrong in and of themselves, and require no outside reasons to prove or justify their wrongness. For the most part, these are crimes that directly and visibly harm other people and their property, since it's traditionally these kinds of crimes that inspire the most fervent moral outrage.

    Mala prohibita

    Crimes mala prohibita are usually those which incur no serious punishment, such as minor infractions and misdemeanors. However, the primary feature of crimes mala prohibita is not their lack of severity, but that they are acts criminalized by statute in an effort to regulate the general behaviors of society. As a general rule these do not include crimes that directly harm the person and property of others.

    Clearly, the infractions we are liable to encounter, here at MBc are politics... "an effort to regulate the general behaviors of society".
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    Just an fyi, there is an area accommodated by the admin for political discussion, the combustion chamber board on the White Room page.
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    Tnx, HV... I saw Tom's mention of 'combustion chamber' as I read through the rules again today... but didn't find it.
    I guess I better look harder and longer!
    I'd rather wear the tall conical hat and sit in the corner than tick off the management.
    It never pays.
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    Just write Tom or one of the moderators. They have to invite you! They'll let ya in! That's why you can't see the CC posts! All you have to do is ask them!

    I find it almost impossible to discuss laws w/o talking about the fools making them!
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    When a democratic republic (which is the true nature of our government) is allowed to run on 'autopilot' (ie, a small percentage voting and not even looking into the issues), the result is an out-of-control bureocracy (sp?) quite similar to what you see going on now. The very idea that more and more my life falls under the control of some governmental agency that thinks it knows more about my existance than I do would be beyond abhorrent to those who signed the document that starts out, "We the People,". Yet here we are, concerned that rattleing the cage of those whom WE ELECTED might bring down their wrath upon us. Does anyone remember that the TEA in 'TEAPARTY' stands for "Taxed Enough Already"?- their voice, disjointed and vilified as it has been, has been sufficiant to CAUSE MAJOR changes in the political landscape. How many of us are there? Enough, I'd wager, to catch the attention of some (if not several) useless oaf holding an elected office. Most of the $$$ spent to keep us under thumb comes from big oil- through EPA of course. They figure our emmissions per gallon burned- not by passenger mile! By gallon burned, two strokes are filthy. By passenger mile, driving a HummVee is a felony! There's also Municipal and State troopers- where traffic is an issue, they do not want to have to deal with these things. You cannot catch one in rush hour... unless you add them to the force. Problem solved. Sparkys' got the right idea- individually, we do not exist to those who hold public office. Let us take hands with each other, give a mighty shout and see those who think themselves in power tremble!
    the Old Sgt.
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    ... uh... wow... Dude, like did I scare everybody off?
    the Old Sgt.