This is in my backyard.




This place is awesome. I've lived in this general area all my life. My grandparents live less than a mile from KY lake and i grew up out on the pontoon boat and camping. Lived in Clarksville TN most of the time i was growing up and to get to Grandma's house we always took 68 which runs right through LBL and crosses over both lakes and then drive through Aurora past the resorts. Now i live in Murray Ky... Just about 25 miles from the first bridge. One of the first upgrades i'll need to make to my bike is fishing pole carrier and tackle box, and find a spot for my tent.

The back roads and dirt paths and gravel/paved roads are countless out here. Lots of fishing is never too far out of reach when you have 2 huge lakes and lots of secluded bays.

General LBL map pdf.
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