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    Lots of great people and info on the forum! I've been lurking for some time.

    I'm in the process of purchasing the parts to assemble a MB. Keeping it simple, I ordered a GT-1 bicycle as well as a Grubee 66cc and 50cc (backup) engine. I heard that HT engines may be hard to come by after 2010.

    I live in the Mojave, on the edge of town. We used to be very into dirt bike riding/racing. Before we move here, I used to ride my Bladez scooter a lot. The roads are so bad and the drivers so aggressive, I've pretty much given up on it. But still miss cruising around the neighborhood. I'm going to really enjoy the MB.

    Back in the day, I was stationed in Germany. My wife and I lived about 2 blocks from where I worked. No car, I walked. Then the Army, in it's wisdom, decided to transfer me to another post about 20 miles away. For a while I rode my bicycle back and forth to work. Then I bought a Peugeot Moped. The day I brought it home I locked it up to the light pole and went into the apartment. About 10-minutes later there was this big crash. We looked outside and saw that a BMW had wrapped it around the pole it was locked to. Next I bought a Suzuki moped. Rain or shine, it got me to and from work, until I was finally transferred stateside. Everyday, riding it, was an adventure. I hope to ride my MB, occasionally, the 7 miles to work once it gets warm.

    Looking forward to getting together and doing some riding!

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    Welcome aboard.

    You'll have fun. Keep us posted.
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    welcome... if you need any advice feel free to ask. Can I ask what your budget is for this thing??? Cause if you have a couple extra to spend there are some really fun things you can add to your setup...

    here is an example...

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    No limit on budget - wishful thinking...

    What should I get? I like the expansion chamber. Reminds me of the old days - Honda Elsinore.

    Also, thinking about buying a couple of extra engines, in case they become unavailable. I've received the Grubee 50cc and am to get the Grubee 66cc on Monday. My bike arrives tomorrow.

    Am I making the right move by putting the 66cc in the bike or should I go with the 50cc? Concerned about vibration... I'm 190 pounds and just want to cruise at 20 mph or so... I live on a hill but the grade is 1 or 2%. Taking a Christmas vacation for a week to the beach (So Cal) in several weeks. Want to be ready to roll!
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    that bike looks like it is pretty much ready to roll... I was going to suggest a nuvinci hub and sick bikes jackshaft kit... but it looks like your bike already has the sprocket attached. Installation should be a snap.

    Definitely recommend the expansion chamber... its night and day. It does make the bike significantly louder though.

    Always used the 66cc so I cant comment on that other than there isn't excessive vibration. 20 mph should be easy with what you got, if the hill becomes an issue get a 3 speed or 10 speed bike and use the jacksaft kit from sick bikes to access the derailleur.
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    Next thing, you'll be running race gas. lol
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