Tips I've learned from many builds-great newbie read.


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Apr 22, 2015
Yeah, and, so, what?
Let's start again, Hi, I'm grinningremlin, I have a sun ez-sport recumbent and a bridgestone mb-5 both run by a GEBE system, what kind of bike do you have?

May I be the first to fall to my knees and thank you, thank you so much for the time you spent trying to help us poor ignorant waifs, but alas, we are beyond help you see, and better left to the wolves.Thank you again for the selflessness of your truly altruistic crusade.

Yeah, and, so, what?

So you go to a MAB site to start your crusade???For such a verbose moron, you sure do come off like a moron.

So everybody should do as the majority, and swap a whole system on your decree?I suggest you prepare for a long life of disappointment.
one thing thats left out was that all the fuel measurements your crying about start at/with usa american dollars a barrel not liters or imperial measurements but gallons per barrel based on the all mighty american dollar. so poo poo pee do on your fella and get a life