Tools to keep on Whizzer?

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  1. BonitaPanther

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    Hi Everyone,
    I tried doing a search before asking in a new thread.
    Does anyone have a list of tools that should be carried on the whizzer?
    Ideally I would like to assemble a kit that would be able to help me do anything needed, within reason if something happens on the road.
    I know the screwdriver will be handy as well as the adjustable wrench.
    I guess I really am looking for info on which sockets and allens should I keep with me.

    Thanks and if there is a thread already covering this, please send me there!


  2. Hal the Elder

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    Here's what I keep in my little tool pouch:

    10mm Wrench (or Crescent Wrench)
    15mm Wrench (or Crescent Wrench)
    Pliers (for adjusting brake cables)
    Phillips Screwdriver (regular or stubby, # 2 point)
    Slot screwdriver, 1/8", (for carb adjustments)
    Allen wrench (for stem and bar clamps)
    Small Tape Measure
    Note Pad
    Ball Point Pen
    Envelope with copy of Bill of Sale
    Cell Phone


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  3. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Add a 14 MM wrench [motor mount nuts]

    Have fun,
  4. BonitaPanther

    BonitaPanther Member

    Hey thanks for the fast response guys!
    I will print that out and load my bag now, I have been carrying too much stuff and haven't had time to sort what I need and what I don't.

    As a side note, after sitting for two years in Massachusetts, this afternoon I went out to put on the FL plate....holes don't line up at all let me tell you! Wire ties did the trick for now.
    I had cleaned it up and went through all the wiring last week and decided it was time to kick it over, threw in some gunk(engine tune up) and fresh gas, kicked it a few times, no good!
    Pedaled it around a little and the panther came right to life!
    Man it was nice being on that bike again!

    Quenton, from reading posts here, I can tell you know alot about the Whizzers, I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.
    I added a Tach so I can get the idle speed right, currently it is at 1000 when I am sitting on it and it goes up to 1500 when the tire is raised.
    Is this good?

    Also what causes the hesitation and a little bit of bucking when twisting the throttle?
    Is that a carb adjustment also?

    And thanks again for the list Hal and the addition Quenton!

  5. RdKryton

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  6. BonitaPanther

    BonitaPanther Member

    Thanks Jim, I will check it out now!

  7. BonitaPanther

    BonitaPanther Member

    Thanks Jim, That is a good thread!
    No mention about bucking with the throttle tho, do you think that is part of the carb adjustment?

  8. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    I set the idle on my bikes at 1100 to 1200. I set the idle with the bike on the ground. Most often [always] the stock carburetor is jetted too rich. I would try lowering the needle one notch and see what happens. If the motor bulks at WOT and then re-groups when the throttle is backed down to approx 3/4 throttle the main jet is too large. If the motor continues to try to gain speed at WOT but flattens out it usually means the main jet is too small [not likely on a stock setup].

    Have fun,
  9. Hal the Elder

    Hal the Elder Member

    Yeah...I always set my idle with a warm engine and the wheel on the ground. (auto clutch). This is also a good time to set your idle mixture with that 1/8" screwdriver in your tool kit!

    I had hesitation problems too...I experimented with the needle set in grooves #2,#3,#4, and #5, and found that #4 is the best for my high altitude and #82 main jet.

    I also found that the hesitation problem disappears if you "roll on" the throttle instead of snapping it open!

    Find yourself a hill and use it for measuring performance...try for the maximum speed as you crest the hill.

  10. BonitaPanther

    BonitaPanther Member

    Thanks again guys!
    Unfortunately I haven't gotten it wide open yet, just as I am starting out is when it starts bucking, I goose it a little and it seems to clear for that time but.....I slow down and more hesitation....

    But I have to remember this thing sat for two years, the carb could be gooked up, and I was just too impatient to set the carb up right before tooling around the neighbor hood...

    no auto clutch for me, I tried it but there was just something not right about it....instead I sent it back and invested in the tope end upgrade!

    If setting the speed and mixture don't do the trick I will check the jet. But that has to wait til tomorrow. Too dark to work on it now...

    LOL! Hal, as for finding a hill, there are none here, I am in the flatland of FL! Maybe I could take it out on one of the golf courses!

    Thanks again for the help and I will let you know how it goes!
  11. BonitaPanther

    BonitaPanther Member

    Hi Guys!
    Thanks for all the great tips!
    I just did about 10 miles and was adjusting per Quenton's tips.
    All is well in Panther land... except
    When I go back down on the throttle it seems to want to lug a bit. And then when starting from a stop it sometimes doesn't work up the speed it needs right away.
    It could just be I have to get used to it again. It has been a couple of years.....