top speed of titan?

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    so if the honda gx35 gets a top speed of 30 mph and with only 1.5 HP and with the 1.25 inch drive roller on a bikemotorparts kit..... then a dax titan xc50 with 2.5 HP should get up to 40 MPH correct?

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    JMO, that Titan engine will not push any MB to 40mph, probably not even 30mph.

    Why? The 1.25" roller will not allow the Titan to spin high rpms to reach those speeds. Using a 1.5" spindle, you could possibly reach 30+mph.

    And of course you'd have to factor in total weight, including the rider.:detective:
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    Titan should do 30MPH + easy with proper gearing.

    Mine HF 52cc 2 stroke tops 33MPH on flat with BMP 1.25 roller, would probably push 40MPH with 1.5 inch roller and lighter rider.

    I weigh 280lb.
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    I have a Honda GX35 Not to impressed with it's performance at all on my bike. Total weight of me and my bike are about 300 pounds. I went back to my Harbor Freight 50cc engine. A lot more bottom end torque and higher speed. Like Andy said, I too have a max speed of 33 mph. 1/2 HP on these little engines makes a BIG difference. I personally know nothing about Titan 50's, but they seem to have a good reputation though.
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    My HF 52cc is a gas guzzler though. I am getting only about 80MPH no matter if I go 25 MPH or 30 MPH.

    I am itching to get Titan 50cc engine from Dax. I like the sound, idle, easy start and easy fueling of a 4 stroke. Somehow I always get my hands dirty mixing fuel for a 2 stroke.

    The only thing putting me off is this top fuel tank of Titan.

    I am not sure if I could mount this thing sticking high above the saddle. LOL!
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    Isn't the Dax Titan a HuaSheng 142F?
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    I was told it is the same engine, but DAX will give you 1 year replacement warranty, and he's got very good reputation. I don't know about Huasheng dealers.

    Thats's why I will buy Titan if I ever decide to go for 50cc 4 stroke.
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    I've never checked the mileage on my engine. But you have to admit, even at 80 mpg, it's still cheap transportation and FUN !
    But I'm like you again, if I ever build a 50cc 4 stroke, it will most likely be a Titan or Honda. Most likely a Titan. 80 mpg is a lot more than any of my automobiles get !