Two speed Staton



Well, a quick 15 mile test run this morning and everything appears to be working on the almost complete rig. The shifting is still via manual derailing but the low range is supper on big hills, the ones I avoided before. I will be working on the handle bar shifting system next, should be great fun. The 16 tooth output sprocket is a super cruse ratio and allows me to handle most hills, the 13 tooth is supper low with great torque. I switched to 410H and 3/32 track sprockets on the output to aid derailing. The picture is with the side cover removed.


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Here is a pic with the side cover on. As you can see everything is covered from prying eyes and I sized it to conceal the derailleur also.


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That is awesome! How's the alignment to the bottom sprocket?
I assume the blue sprocket acts like a derailier?
Two blue rollers are for chain tension. The derailleur will mount to the cover and be on the tension side of the chain. Right now, I'm derailing on the slack side by rolling the bike backward. I have run test on a stand and derailed on the tension side under engine power.
You know even if you just stop and move it over by hand it's still an epic win. Then with the question of chain alignment maybe the jack shaft could be slid over that little bit?
Between the shaft have like a fork you can slide over connected to a cable to your handlebar. It would just need a simple lever. Even one that flips.
Alignment center is right between the two sprockets. The 410H chain has plenty of wiggle room on the 3/32 sprockets.
By the way, my 14.7 mile run this morning used 644 ml of fuel. If my math is correct that is 86.48 mpg or 45.66 miles per 2 liter tank. Not great but I'm running a little rich on the 4 hp.
FYI, high range is 18.75 to 1, low range is 23.08 to 1. Low range increases torque 23%, it's a hill climber with a 45 mph top end.
Final touch

A quick trip to Wally World produced two 26" x 2.125" beach cruiser tires. They measured 26.34" diameter, this should increase top end to 46 mph @ 11k. I won't rev higher cause I don't want to break something.


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BTW. Your calculation was off by just a bit.

To convert liters to gallons, multiply liters by .2642

So, 14.7/(0.2642 * 0.644) = 86.40 mpg.