Two speed Staton

kerf said:
Darn, it's worse than I thought!

BTW, kerf - I didn't tell you how impressed I am with that installation. It really IS just about the perfect solution.

You might refer to it as a 'quick gear ratio change' instead of a two-speed, if you ever have to discuss it with the law. Typically, multi-speeds are verboten in a 'legal' motorized-bicycle.
Like I explained, I'm already illegal, thanks to an incompetent legislature. Thanks for the complement.
Kerf, whats up with the poor mpg? I have a 1 gal tank 133.9 miles on the tank and 1/2 inch of fuel still in it, so I.m guessing 150+ mpg. I have 5 top speed runs on the tank also. Lean that baby out!
Problem could be me and measuring 27 ml at a time. I need to run a longer distance and use a larger measuring devise. I'll be heading to the lake this week and stretch it out on the rural highways there.
There are standard track sprockets for converting a derailleur to a single speed. They are mounted on a Staton freewheel to 5/8" shaft adapter. It's mounted backward so the engine pulls the thread tight.
Well I'm back from lake Guntersville, had a good trip and the wife and I covered about 120 miles on the bikes. The two speed worked great and I will begin development of a derailing system from the handle bar. After leaning out the 460 and getting good plug color, mileage was 109 mpg, in hilly conditions with a 25-30 mph cruise. Trouble is the next day, same conditions, she back to rich again, I think the vibrations from 20 to 40 mile runs may be moving the carb adjustments. I may add a little tension to the needle spring and see what happens. Has anyone run into this issue before?
Well, the two speed Staton is a reality, I've been running up and down the street shifting gears. There is some fine tuning to do yet but the dérailleur is flipping between the 13 & 16 tooth output sprockets without a hitch. I spent yesterday and today brazing, cutting, drilling and filing the dérailleur mounting bracket, had to cuss a little too. I found that Vise Grips get very hot when you use them to clamp parts together and heat those parts to 1900 degrees. That was the cussing.

Since I rarely use my front dérailleur, I took it off and used the cable and lever to shift the new one. Thought about just adding another shifter but it's getting crowded on the handlebars. While I was at the lake, last week, I manually dropped into low range and went straight up some hills that were verboten up till now. No peddling, just go straight up.
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