uncle_punk13 think you'll ever.....

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by frameteam2003, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. frameteam2003

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    do another cross America?
    I was thinking of having some Margaritas in Laredo and when we sober up riding to Canada.

  2. uncle_punk13

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    I plan to do many more, and hopefully before my time is up, some other countries...! Don't think I'll ever do another whizzer, as I haven't found any to be reliable enough as of yet, but who knows, maybe the one I've been working with (tried to ride it to Indianna in '07) the past coupkle of years will become the one. To be completely honest, I think that the new EZ will be the one; but there's no doubt my Tanaka GEBE could do it.
    On My next one I plan to ride Highway 12 as far as it will go (minnestota or the dakotas I think...) then work my way to Maine. Dunno when, but soon or else I'm gonna go nuts. I need the road again; She's a cruel mistress but She's the only one worth risking it all for.
  3. uncle_punk13

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    I Don't believe I've ever had a margarita. Laredo sounds good, and up into canada?
    Okay, I'm game!
  4. stude13

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    you da man!
  5. uncle_punk13

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    Naw, I'm just this guy you know?
    It's just that, well, perhaps Hank Williams said it best when he sang, "...and when the lord made me, he made a Ramblin' Man..."
  6. No Way

    It's one part Tequila one part sweet & sour & a little Quantro/ Or the famous Top shelf - substitute the Quantro for a splash of Grand Mariner. Easier to just go to Laredo - lick one dab of salt, one shot tequila, one slice of Limon, (in that order) REPEAT. Then you may think that you are already in Canada.
  7. frameteam2003

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    We got to do some planning on this ride.We can't just "Hit the Road" After all Rif you are older and all.(and I'm really old)I've been looking at this road---Hi-Way 83 form Laredo to Varden Canada.Kind of a Lonesome Dove type road.Not manny big towns on it.But it should be a paved road all the way.Make it a motorbicycle Three Flags Classic type ride.
    How long did the Cross America ride take?And I really wouldn't want to push the speeds you did it in,or the dirt roads you took.(incase you guys don't know young Rif took some very ruff roads in Wyoming)
    A steady 25mph I feel would be better and quicker than 35 and re-building the bike half way.
    And I'm sure I'll have more questions about things like lights,plates,and the DMV.
    Where's that lime and salt---I got planning to do---sam
  8. Haul the Mast, set the Mainsail!

    Hi guys, I've got a kooky idea about riding, but I'm not an Iron-Butt like some of you-all must be!

    I wonder what a coastal ride might be like? Wifey is not as strong of a rider as I am (and me no "Captain America") BUT, if this was to fly, I can somehow imagine her driving our Ancient Chevy pop-top van with a trailer behind to be able to offer support to the entire "On-ter-ahge", with oil, gas (for EXTREMELY) longer stretches, and icebox, additionally to be able to lock several bikes inside for safekeeping? I dunno, I wish someone would buy my old 1971 Mini-Winnie, and if so maybe it make the trip a little nicer also?

    This all seems worth pondering, and the CA coast has a real nice weather pattern. Maybe there are more riders up and down the coast?

    Lets ponder?

  9. JE

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    Count me in on a cross country trip. I've always wanted to do somthing like that.