Up here in the great white North!

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    Hey everyone, my name's Alex and I live in the land of polar bears, igloos, and maple syrup. I've been looking at motorbikes for a few months now, and they seem like a great option for cheap transportation. Because I don't have a bike with a suitable frame, I've been looking to find one ready-made near me. I've found a few, and this looks like the best option.


    I'm just wondering what I should be looking for, and what questions I should be asking about the bike if I actually decide to call the guy. Thanks in advance!

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    There are a few guys from Canada on here. Welcome!
    Big issue is the newer regulations that have been imposed. Before you do anything, find out what is legal.
    Here in NY, nothing with a motor is legal unless it is registered.
    I was able to go that route by obtaining a scrap moped with a good reg. and making my bike into it.