Velosolex Build

These bikes are so nice, I picked up anothet one last night, it probably has been sitting for 30 or more years. Everything was in tact, it was stored inside, Chrome on the wheels, headlight/tail light lenses, engine guards, all in great shape. I thought it would be a project. I cleaned the tank, un-plugged the fuel lines, primed the fuel pump, and it fired right up and purrs thike a kitten, motor has great compression. The smootheness and quietness of these motors are amazing, it did 22 mph on the high throttle, so I am happy. :)
I would eventually like to get one ofnthose, most people want way too much for them
They made 7 million of them, so they are out there. I have seen some crazy prices. I have bought several, and get the best deals on estate sales, they're just offing grandpa's old bike. They are made pretty good for what they are. Last few I had are over 5 decades old.
21 is about top speed. The Velo came out in/around 1946? So the forks are pretty well known to hold up. There is a later welded front end, but the forks are still pressed as I remember. Heck the whole frame is pressed parts!
A cool and unique build. You don’t see those every day. That is for sure.
Unicorns in my life. Never seen one in person. Nice job Centurion!