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  1. jototojo

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    Hello again people,
    I've been wondering what could i do to lower vibrations on my bike, i've heard of the rubber on the mounting part, but anyone has another idea?
    On the other hand i want to know what to do to make my engine run better.
    My bike actually is going up to 27 miles an hour. So is not really fast.
    Thank you!

  2. GearNut

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    Never, ever put any kind of rubber, leather, ect. in between the frame and engine mounts unless you enjoy repairing broken engine mounting studs.
    Reducing vibration can be done by re-balancing the flywheels inside the engine, but that is only effective at a particular RPM range. You cannot really have a buttery smooth running single cylinder engine. A nasty little thing called physics gets in the way.
    I use vibration damping handlebar grips to keep the buzz from getting to my hands and a suspension seat to keep my rear end comfy. As for my feet on the pedals, I just got used to it.

    As for high performance stuff, do a search on this site. There are alot of threads on the subject.
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  3. jototojo

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    Thanks for your information, i was going to put some rubber there, but no.
    Im searching on the forum for information and is plenty, thanks, ill search more later.