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    Im Bobbo. I do weird stuff. My first car was a cop car... that i made shoot fire out the tail pipes... my first 2 wheeler as an adult was a razor scooter... that i put a flame thrower on... now i got this 24 speed/21 speed (the tiny sprocket is wore out and i adjusted the limits of the derailer to not even hit that gear leaving only 7 abailable sprockets left, so 7x3=21 speeds) and a 31cc ryobi. I swapped the bottom bracket with one of them ball bearing "Good" kind and greased the ******* before i threw it in. Heres my plan... Run the chain from the syobi (were using bike parts here people... mounting a "rear cassette" on the clutch part of the ryoby so we still have a cyntrifical clutch. Then on both sides of the bottom bracket run foreward sprockets... the big ones. so from the motor its gonna go... ryobi to big gear on left(power transfer)small sprocket on right... and back to the rear cassette.

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    Hi Bobbo, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Hi Bobbo -

    Welcome to this forum. It is obvious you have all the qualifications for being a motored bike builder.

    I can envision what you are trying to accomplish. It is a modified jackshaft arrangement. With every new idea comes an engineering challenge. I do not know of anyone successfully doing what you want to accomplish using only the bottom bracket shaft to transfer power from left to right. I don't know if the freewheeling assembly you need on the left-hand side even exists (but there are a lot of things I don't know). But write if you find one.

    Look in the Picture Gallery and General Discussions and other places for solutions. And photograph (we all like photos) unique solutions or anything else you come up with.

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    Welcome to the forum. A lot of our greatest inventors were in danger of being committed to the asylum before making their discovery.
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