Walmart specials like the Kent La Jolla NEEDS A GOOD GOING OVER !!!

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    I got a Kent La Jolla and I like the way it looks with the motor . I was psyched to get it together so i bypass a few steps that many of you warned this FNG about . But In the back of my mind I kept seeing the bolts breaking and bearings exploding from lack of grease so I tore it apart and started replacing bolts and greasing hub and This is what I found . Notice in the pics NO GREASE and MISSING ONE BALL BEARING !
    Funny because I ride my Chopper I built over 100 mph and never think twice but riding this thing at 30 mph is a thrilling adventure !
    Ride Hard Or Stay In Bed!!!!

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    Sad part is you can look under the paint at the welds.Someone else has probably already said it, but there are thousands of good bikes for the same or less $$ than new wally bikes.ANY big name bike, pre 1998, Cro Mo, will be better all around, from components down to the metal used in the cups and cones.There was a heyday right after 10 speeds were seen everywhere, when the first mountain bikes were seen, those are the best (1985 to 94 IMO) Giant, Fuji, Bridgestone, Peugeot, TREK, were all fantastic for MAB conversion.The idea of motorizing a new bike scares the heck outta me.
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    I agree. Early to mid '90s Giants and the like are absolute beasts with chinagirls. It seems like most modern bikes are designed to fail.

    There are exceptions, of course. Surly, Felt, and 2000's Nirve come to mind.
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    I've gone even older than that. 1956 Roadmaster. Double top bar brazed frame made right here in the good old US of A.