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    I recently purchased a WC-1 Whizzer from someone off of craigslist. VIN Plate says Polar Motor Co. and dated March 2000. The past owner said it was NOS and he only put 5 miles on it. After riding it around a bit I decided to buy and install a centrifugal clutch from WhizzerPaul, to make it easier to ride.

    I have installed the clutch and the bike is barely able to move on flat ground and will not go up even a slight incline. I called Paul and he said to remove the restrictor from the intake. I found this post http://motoredbikes.com/threads/whizzer-intake-restrictor-plate-questions.7037/#post-92272 that details how to remove the restrictor using a tap, bolt, nut, and socket to pull it out. I'll try and remove it tonight when I get home.

    But, I have a few questions. Reading the forum I've seen that people say that the motor won't last long with it removed because of the increase in horsepower and heat. I don't plan on riding the bike very fast and not for long distances. Just basically around a large campground or in my small neighborhood, mainly flat ground, and 15 to 20mph tops. Will I be ok? The bike has almost no miles on it now and I don't expect to put more than 30 to 50 miles on it a year. (I'd prefer holding off on buying the newer cylinder & head)

    And, is there a break-in period for the centrifugal clutch and the motor itself? If so, what's the break-in instructions.