What a day,or my visit with DAX


Large Filipino

This day started out great. My check cleared and I'm riding Moop telling him how I'm getting my Titan today for the Schwinn. Suddenly,Moop breaks a chain. Sigh. Picture 5.jpg
So I got a hold of Duane and I go over there.
Here's me with Duane!Picture 4.jpg

Here's my Schwinn on Duane's rack:
Picture 3.jpg
Sorry for the blur. I used my camera phone.
If the man with the most toys wins,Duane won. Let's just say...Duane won. :DPicture 2.jpg
Almost complete.
Picture 1.jpg
Then Duane not only handed me my purchase,he insisted on installing it. This man is one in a million. Thru all the excitement my truck decides to let go of my parking brakes and it rolled down the street crashing into another truck. I freaked out,but later I lol'ed. I mean no one was hurt,I have insurance,my rate would probably not go up.
So it was getting late and Duane and I just did it to it,mostly Duane did the work and I helped with handing him tools and stuff and I have to say,Duane made me feel real comfortable,man,like he's been my friend for a long time. The only real snag was the throttle cable being too short for my bike seeing it's a cruiser with the wide handlebars and this also went on a coaster brake and we had some interference with the coaster arm but Duane bent it all up in his vice and cleared the bolts and it really looks nice.Also we took off the rear fender just for measuring. Later,I'll get it back on there.
But the throttle cable Duane's gonna make one for me longer so with that I left my Schwinn in Duane's good hands.
Tomorrow Duane's gonna finish her up. I mean this man is BUZY yet he can take time to make sure my bike is PERFECT.
I can't wait to come back there tomorrow. I'll bring my better camera along this time.

(For the life of me I can't figure out where this thread should go. I guess here is as good as any?)

What's funny is that I had pictured Duane as oriental. He's far from that!

What a day.
Sweet Large! That schwinn is going to "book" with that titan on it. Wish I could have been there to help and shoot the $hit. Make sure no ones lookin when you crack-her-open, if you catch my drift. Congrats
It'll book for shure! It has the 44 t sprocket so I can tackle them hills.
My truck's all bashed in but everything's cool. Duane's about a 40 minute drive without traffic,not too far away actually from Columbine High school.
Anniversary was Sunday. I think I'll stop by the memorial there seeing I'll be in the area anyway.
I made a new friend yesterday. I think that is swell. :D
Shake Duane's hand for me. That's cool that he's taking the time to install it for you.
How long did it take him?
Awesome to hear large, It's good to know Dax really loves these things and is so easy to get along with.
He sounds like a good businessman too. He knows if he installs it just perfect he's confident you'll have no problems for thousands of miles and relay this information to the rest of the community. Be sure to get us lots of angle shots and closeups of your cruiser once it's finished. Looks like it's going to be a way more comfortable ride than your MTB. Possibly easier to pedal with the centrifugal clutch than the HT engine as well :)
I got there at around 5:00 in the afternoon and we did a bit of shooting the breeze,checking out his other creations (unbelievable,man.His Corvette by itself although pretty stock is a rare big block 4 speed...to die for) I mean he has so many toys. So many toys. Motorcycles,cars,scooters,dirt bikes,bicycles...just...wow.
I left there around 9ish last night. If not for the throttle cable it would have been done.
Most of the hassle involved the coaster brake sprocket install but with those with Happy Times we all know what's that like. But the rest came together like butter.
MOOP is so jealous. So jealous.
I'll still ride MOOP but no more downtown long rides as much. The Schwinn will do that. I think the Schwinn may be more respected on the trails. I should get a flag for it too.
I need a name.

I just got off the phone with Geico. I have the cheapest liability insurance no frills. It covered the truck my truck hit,no deductible,and my rate won't go up. Geico for teh win. Sorry for the spam. :D
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That Scwinn looks like a beauty. And it's good to hear that things are working well. Sounds like even the truck problem isn't so bad. Congrats!

After all these months I was able to get back to Duane's today. I saw...THE prototype frame mount. Super secret. He said he would kill me if I took a pic. Then I saw... the CHROME. THE CHROME!! I can't say any more!! :D
So Duane changed my clutch springs, lubed up by clutch pivots and took it for a test ride. I really didn't think it would make much of a difference but it's good when your clutch engages sooner! I mentioned to Duane that I ride Cronus pretty easy and he noticed after 2 thousand miles (yes. I figured it to be that now) my clutch pads are hardly worn! So he thought with my riding style that I may benefit with a larger sprocket so he gives me a 48 tooth with a new chain and the mounting hardware! Then he saw that my rope starter was a bit cracked so he gives me another one! And another bushing "Just in case" I may need it nothing wrong with the one I have I can assure you. Then he comes out with a kick stand frame mount but it didn't fit. I told him I would get that center stand everyone else here seems to be getting.
It was nice chatting with Duane today. He didn't have to do any of this. He's just one of the brothers,man.
THANK YOU DUANE!!! My bike runs great! I can really tell those springs make a difference where as I didn't realize before how much slip I was getting. This weekend I'll put in that 48 tooth.

I stopped at Columbine on the way over this morning. I'll share a couple of pics.
Cronus:Picture 2.jpg On the floor is a big ribbon with the words "Never forget"

This one kinda freaked me out with the sun the way it was:Picture 13.jpg

Then on the way home I stopped by the bike trail and had some lunch and did some fishing! Didn't catch anything though. Photo0340.jpg

What a day. Did I enjoy the ride?


Another thing I wanted to add. From where I'm at to Duane's house it's over 40 miles,man. It's FAR!

I made a detour at Columbine today then swang over at Duane's a few miles out and just as I entered his neighborhood when my tank ran dry. And it wasn't even filled up all the way to begin with. My spare canister comes in handy,yo just hanging on my handlebar. As long as that's filled up I never have to worry about running out of gas behind me.