What do you think of this setup?


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Sep 5, 2008
St. John, Indiana
I'm brand new to motorized bikes and am thinking of buying the 49cc engine from bestbikeengine.com and the mount from bikemotorparts.com to install on my Trek mountainbike. Does this look like a good route to take or does anyone have a better idea?
I think this would be a better choice for both the engine and the kit
especially at that price



This is a Rear mount kit with a 1.25" drive roller.

This 2.2 hp engine has 37.5% MORE power then a 1.60 hp engine.

This is a Staton-Inc complete friction drive kit and includes the dual supports that allows you to raise and lower the drive roller.

The friction drive kit alone without a engine sells for $249.00.

Its an auction so who knows what the final price will be.
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I appreciate the interest in our products and I would just like to let you know about what the difference between the ebay auction for $329 from Staton and getting an engine from us and a mount from bikemotorparts.

Staten is offering a 43cc engine which we sell as well. I don’t think his stated HP rating is accurate because we have the same engine just with red instead of a black housing. But I could be wrong???

Our 43cc engine is only $129 + $25ship and bikemotorpats is selling the bracket for $169 + $12ship which is a total of $335...

Keep in mind that the Staten setup is an auction and the price could bid up where the prices I just quoted are good as of 9/6/2008 and can be purchased right away. Prices may change...

Also, if your looking for speed or power, I would recommend the 49cc engine or our 52cc engine which is the fastest, most powerful engine that I have ridden...

Just wanted to give my input since this was about us...

Ended up going with the Staton-Robin 35 setup. So many good reviews. Ordered on e-bay monday. Dave called me 5 minutes after the order was placed and took my credit card number and told me it should be here today (Thurs.). He was very professional and cordial. Looking for the UPS guy now. I'm like a little kid at Christmas. I want to have this thing up and running on my Trek mountain bike by Sun., my 53rd birthday.
Happy birthday to me!