What is the deal with these HT engines being from who knows where?

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Lucknuts, May 24, 2013.

  1. Lucknuts

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    As many of you probably know, when you buy just about anything these days, even from overseas, you can most always trace your product back to the manufacturer, usually fairly easily and you can do so to get manuals and support, etc.

    What is the deal with these HT engines? Are they so afraid of lawsuits or something that they think they need to make these some kind of mystery engines?

    Can anyone explain this mystery product nonsense to a motorbike newb please?

  2. professor

    professor Active Member

    There have been a bunch of mfgs for these kits.
    I don't think it has to do with lawsuits, when stuff changes frequently the source becomes blurred.
  3. geebt48cc

    geebt48cc Member

    Wish I could answer that one? Uno, it almost makes anyone believe that the word consistency really isn't taken very seriously??????????????? Just like the parting of your hair, never same way twice??????????????
  4. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    huh? its next to impossible to trace anything back to where it was made! i can think of more things that cant be tracked than things that can...

    anyways... other than slight differences in minor details, theyre all the same anyway... so theres more than one company making various parts... i wouldnt worry.

    manual? what do you need a manual for? engine dead? buy new one. easy. its a two poke, simplicity itself. if you want to keep it simple, anyway.
  5. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    getting to be a nightmare trying to swap parts between 2 motors - no marking to give even a hint - buying replacement parts online is almost impossible these days too : (

    repair is slowly evolving into an engine swap situation

    just check these threads here for all those that got wrong parts like; pistons, cylinders, conn rods, anything that sits on a woodruff key
  6. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    thisd is why you should buy from the same vendor each time. they usually stick to one supplier. meaning they usually get the same designs each time.

    my only 66 was a perfect example. cheap from china. blew up. ordered cylinder/piston from local dealer. different skirt/deck height on piston. different length studs, different length cylinder. but that cylinder suits all 66's sold by this local dealer...
  7. Lucknuts

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    Wow, defensive much? I think we found one of these manufacturers or something.

    1. Name three things that can't be tracked to their manufacturer that are legal products. You can't, unless there's some weird stuff going on with auto parts I was unaware of. You can track a freaking soap dish back to the plant it was made at, even in China.
    2. Obviously, they're not all the same. Have you read any of this forum? It's pretty interesting.
    3. You're right, not that I've gotten to know it, it's dead simple. Now if only it were clearly defined, we might all be more enlightened.
  8. Lucknuts

    Lucknuts Member

    Okay so the problem seems to lie in the fact that "vendors" are importing these usually. Worse, it sounds like these "vendors" are able to designate the "specifications". WTF?

    When you get them on ebay, WTF? So, they're all the same but they're not the same. Those vendors should be trusted yet they apparently import crap and dish it out constantly... lovely.

    It's a damn good thing I know my way around an engine or you guys (and this site) would be pretty dang worthless so far. I got it running finally, the only thanks to this site was to get a better spark plug so far. Thanks for that though. And, I made my own wire since the cheap one just fell off, like you guys said it would.
  9. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    :) welcome and compliments gracefully accepted :)

    if you know your way around you shouldnt need a manual in the first place. whats there to know?

    the "vendors" have their own suppliers. you try starting up a business importing these motors. try getting the right contacts for trading with, that can speak english, that you can trust. or learn mandarin and cantonese and dont let on...

    the "bad" motors usually come from china directly. couldnt care less except to get rid of them. checking "location" in ebay can help. checking ratings. all that gaf.

    so, stuff i cant find...

    a pack of screws, packaging is rendered useless. i cant trace it.

    this soap dish. its three years old, and the only marking is "made in taiwa..".

    good luck tracing it.

    a simple circuit board that has no markings other than the component placement and 001Cx#34 on it. and some of the chips have had their labels removed on purpose.

    in fact, a lot of generic semiconductors have no markings other than what they are. maybe a batch code but thats meaningless unless you know where they came from originally...

    the left hand front indicator of a '99 subaru forester can be tracked, easily.
  10. Lucknuts

    Lucknuts Member

    Screws don't need to be traced, hardly compares to an engine.
    circuit boards are generally known to come from the various manufacturers and can be easily traced, that was just just dumb posturing dude. My chinese mobo has far better support than these engines.

    yes maybe a lot of random tiny generic parts are just random. yes. so... are you still wondering why you sound like an idiot or should I go on?
  11. Lucknuts

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    You know what? I can see how normal people get banned if people like you are members. You sound like either some punk-ass kid or worse, some chinese ahole trying to defend the crap your country makes... and if you are you're sadly mistaken about how sneaky you guys think you are.

    I refuse to be dragged into some BS argument about your stinky taint!
  12. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    so, you got a chinese motor, had troubles cus you dont know how an engine works, got on a forum board and started flaming? good idea :)

    makes me wonder who the "punk-ass kid" really is...
  13. Lucknuts

    Lucknuts Member

    Yeah, I was pretty ****ed that night. My apologies. Who wouldn't be ****ed off that bought a supposedly ready to go bike engine kit and found out all this bull?

    Maybe you guys are used to it. But, to an outsider, this suuuuuuuuuucks. I just wanna ride.
  14. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    i know how you feel.

    nothing worse than getting all excited and then push home, redfaced, all sweated up cus the thing hasnt started. all too familiar. the lack of power is invariably proportional to the number of spectators :jester:

    im in no way inclined to argue. im just saying that some companies do have reputations etc to keep, and only supply completely traceable parts. the bolts(or screws) used in a boeing airliner are all certified and can be tracked down to the guy who was operating the machine at the time they were made. liveas are at stake. millions, if not billions of dollars. rolls royce went broke cus they were stingy with the frozen geese. frozen poultry into turbines makes for broken engines. broken engines mean falling planes, mean lots of liability. they didnt test the engines thoroughly enough before commencing production. oops.

    whereas mass produced cheap-ass engines for bikes that are easier and cheaper to replace than work on, just dont share the same characteristics. liability. insurance. that makes a major difference. they may have a QC sticker but who signed that sticker? some guy that was fired after two days? etc. do you think he was worried that the piston was 0.5mm undersize? or the shaft was running eccentric? not in the slightest.

    i worked in a hardware once. when someone came in with a warranty claim on something sold 15 years ago (treated outdoor pine having a 20-25 year guarantee) we didnt bother trying to find evidence in the (literally) rats nest of old receipts and paper work. we just honoured the warranty. for all we knew, they could have just been a random, trying to rip us off.

    ive had several bank accounts go missing. thats a fair sum of cash. all having been created before the advent of computer systems, i get this response "we have no records of that account". so why do i have an account book stating theres 2000 in this account you have no evidence of?

    i also apologise as well :).

    there is a big learning curve with these kits if you havent spent the last ten years fiddling with motors and the like. and im sorry you were one of the ones to have a bad time with it :( theyre worth it eventually!