what motor should i buy?(this will be my first build)

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Bible Man 20, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Bible Man 20

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    hi well i want to build a motored bicycle and i wanted to know what motor would be best for me to use.i would be looking more toward a 2 stroke but i really dont know the advantages of a 4 stroke and if you could give me tips to decide.also i dont know if the police or legal services in my area would know the difference in an 80cc more or a 49cc motor so should i go with the bigger cc?all in all im clueless on these things so any advice at all concerning my issue would be help!

    to proffesor about the last of me:i think i expressed myself wrong but indeed showed my ignorance on the whole issue, but i really think that all of you have really good responses to that issue and since then i have changed my way of thinking.
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  2. professor

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    I really thought we saw the last of you the other day when you wanted to know why all the bikes look the same. Welcome back.
    4 strokes are what are in cars, they burn cleaner and last longer. 2 strokes are much lighter and cheaper to build and fire the mixture every rev of the engine.
    Go to the on line encyclopedia and learn some more if you want.
    As for the laws where you are, you should find out exactly what they are, if you ride meekly, quietly and look sensible (helmet) it will help a lot.
    Do a lot of reading here.
  3. robin bird

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    If you like to work on engines with a cheap price buy a cheap Chinese 2 stroke. If you do you will learn lots about 2 strokes, especially if you add speed equipment.
  4. Turtle Tedd

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    welcome back...for my first build on a Shwinn Del Mar from wally world I went with a chinese 2 stroke...Grubee 48cc Kit from Kings Motor Bikes..it is a good deal and runs well... This kit and info on this forum will give you every thing you need.....to get started in this hobby
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  5. Hawaii_Ed

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    The two strokes are fun, and can be made to run fairly reliably. They always need some sort of tinkering though!

    I like zoom bicycles slant head kit, sure seems to make more power to me!

  6. bluegoatwoods

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    I suppose I'd recommend the bargain basement two-stroke if you're new to this.

    A good four-stroke is, overall, a better engine. But for someone new I think it's better to just get on something and ride at the lowest possible price. You can always get a feel as you go for what you want in the future.
  7. Mountainman

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    up to working on these THINGS ??

    not to be forgotten Bibleman
    I am not sure if you are up to working on these THINGS ??

    I would buy something from Japan if not

  8. motorpsycho

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    in my opinion, a 2 stroke is the best choice for this application. 1. 2 strokes are cheaper, 2. they will rev higher than a 4 stroke, and if you only have a single speed bike...this is the way to go.
    3. two strokes are just funner to play with and modify and they sound mean with the right exhaust.
    4. 2 strokes do requier a little moret inkering, but normally once you get the carb set where the motor runs at it's best, you can just leave it alone.
    If you are unfamiliar with 2 strokes, and how they function, you shoudl probably do some research on them so you can get an idea of how to tune the carb., learn about gas / oil ratios, and the basics of how a 2 stroke works.
    if they are taken care of, and never ran too lean, 2 strokes can last a very long time.
  9. strotter

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    My .02
    Spend the extra money. Get a Honda 50 4-stroke. Worth every penny.
  10. augidog

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    trust me, it's impossible to be busted running an 80cc HT ;)

    if you don't take a look at *all* your system options for yourself, you'll be selling yourself short...here's a hint: the better-quality the engine the less displacement needed to do the job.

    i agree that you have a lot of reading to do...and i agree good job on jumping back in too :cool2:
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  11. andyszyd

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    Good advice so far, the bottom line is:

    If you want to play with it and "work on it" most of the time buy cheap China 2 stroke (HT engine). You"ll be "playing" with it more than riding it.

    If you want to "RIDE THIS THING" buy Subaru Robin ECO35, HondaGX 35, Honda GX 50 Mitsubishi TLE 43, Tanaka 40, also China clone engines like Titan 50cc, Huasheng50cc Mitsu clones 52cc and others are much better quality than HT engines, lots of people on this board are happy with them.

    I am a newbee too, just build my first MB (BMP coupled to Subaru Robin 35) riding it every day. Now I am working on pump engine from Harbor Freight (Very powerful Mitsubushi clone 2 stroke 52cc) to put it on my other bike.

    I bought brand new Subaru Robin from Silvaire, with centrifugal clutch very good price and service. He may still have some left.

    Some people put 30000 miles + on Subaru Robin ECO 35, 200+ MPG, 4 stroke quiet little gem.

    Have fun!
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  12. flashstar

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    I own a 300zx and it is a machine that usually requires more tinkering than driving. This was why I opted for a HT. I'm not afraid to spend some time working on the bike every once in a while. In my case, I spent $130 for a DAX HT and put another $200 into tools and upgrades for my bike that I needed anyway. For example, I got a 40 tooth sprocket and top hat adapter (which are pretty much flawless) so that my rear sprocket will be completely true.

    The accessories that come with the HT kits are for the most part ****, however I believe that the engines themselves should last long enough for anyone's use. When one fails after a long life, just spend $60 and pop another one in! Any China stuff that fails can usually be upgraded with quality components.
  13. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    I don't know...I have a 50 c.c. slant head (china 2 stroke) and it's an awesome little engine in my opinion. I can pull away from my friends 80 c.c. on the top end and it actually revs faster than his 80 c.c (china engine). the 80 c.c. has a little more low end torque for better take off but really, it isn't THAT much of a difference to me.
    I only weigh 150 lbs and my bike is a 20" schwinn lowrider.
    there are a lot of different factors when it comes to trying to figure out what c.c. engine to buy (and which one to buy). I got the china engine simply because i got the entire kit for $114.00 with free shipping. I went with the 50 c.c. slant head because i am using a small 20" frame, and the slant head gives a tiny bit more clearance between the spark plug and the top frame tube. The only things that i have done to my motor was to add a high-flow air filter (k&n style) and a spooky tooth expansion chamber. those 2 additions made a HUGE difference over the stock pipe and air filter. my top speed went from 24 mph to 32 mph with the stock 44 tooth rear sprocket.
  14. Bible Man 20

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    where did u buy your engine?
  15. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    I bought my engine kit off e-bay from "boygofast".
    a lot of people have said that they had problems with this seller (bad engines, bad service, slow shipping, etc.) but I had a very good experience buying from them. It only took 3 days for me to get the kit, it was in perfect condition and all parts were accounted for.
    one thing that i did notice is that the casting of the 50 c.c. slant head is a lot better than the casting of my friends 80 c.c. (he also bought his from boygofast). The cooling fins on my 50 c.c. are a lot beefier than the ones on his 80 c.c. and the casting is much cleaner.
    one thing tho (and i'm pretty sure that this goes for all of the cheaply priced china engines) is that the hardware (nuts & bolts) are very low quality. I would suggest going to menards, lowes or a hardware store and getting better quality nuts & bolts. You will also want to use blue lock-tite on all of the nuts & bolts.
    I've had my motor on my bike since august 2009, and I don't have that many miles on it yet. I don't ride it every day, i just ride it on occasion for fun.