What up!!! MB in florida

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by andrew88rmz, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. andrew88rmz

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    Ive been reading the forum 4 a while and decided i need to join. Its pretty sweet. I biult a pretty nice bike ove the last couple of weeks and want to show it off. I live in destin florida and the traffic in the summer time is awful so now i just ride my bike around the beach road and to all the parties. Here are some pics of my bike.

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  2. professor

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    Very nice Andrew! Welcome to Motoredbikes.
  3. andrew88rmz

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    Thanks man i apreciate it.
  4. PatrickW

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    Very fine build, Andrew. Good attention to detail. The 'steer-horn handlebars' turned upside down just about brought a tear to my old eyes. I did that to my first MB when I was 16 (now I'm in my 60's) and haven't seen anyone do it since. Nice touch. Btw, Andrew, I'm in Naples, and know all about the tourist traffic. Just give no quarter, and take no guff (except for those 20 Yd. dump trucks with the really fat, balloon tires!) A good idea is one of those small Boat Horns that will fit in a shirt pocket, or on a belt, and will jolt the living-day-lights out of everyone at an intersection. Cheap and will last a good 4 hours or more of blasts.
  5. andrew88rmz

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    Thankyou very much Patrick. I was wanting it to look like a vintage motorcycle, kind of boardtrack like. The horn idea is good isnt it. We used to do that all the time a few years ago, me and my friends. One of my friends had a train horn on his truck i installed for him and it would scare you to death. Tourist would jump off the ground. It was great! Thanks again for the compliment and keep on riden.
  6. seanhan

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    Man Andrew

    that bike is da bomb !!!
    Love it !!! great work !!!
  7. PatrickW

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    I'm glad you like the horn idea. I have a permanent bombay type bulb horn on the handlebars, but I pick up a few small air horns at a local marina for about $5-$6.00 bucks each. (They last me for months.) They are only about 4" tall, and have a 3" horn directly on top. They fit perfectly in a tee-shirt pocket and are easy to get at. Since I ride a recubent trike, (you can read all about it w/pics in the trike forum under "Trailmate Meteor & Gas Power", or something like that), I am a lot lower to the ground than an MB, such as a Cruiser. Soo, I need all the attention and respect I can get. At an intersection, the standard railroad signal of two short and one longer really gets attention, and I have never had any problems. Btw, we don't have any train tracks in SW Florida. <grin>
  8. Chris Crew

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    nice looking bike
  9. thuginfc

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    what up dude its sludge!!! used to hang with you with alec.. didnt know you had a motor bike thing... **** yours is clean... i got mine runnin decent bout 35-40 but not that icy.prolly cause i ride mine daily to work school errands fort walton to destin trips prolly bout 30 plus miles oon it daily..

    We need to get up and ride hit up old 98 and ****
  10. ncaos

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    wooooww realmente una bellesa....

    wooooww Bellesa really ....