Where has all the 4stroke stuff gone?


Irish John

Why are there only 3 threads on the 4-stroke engine form. There were stacks of threads last time I looked. I started one myself but today all I can see are the same 3 threads that were there a few days ago. What's happened?


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Jan 11, 2008
After deciding to split the engine type out of the frame/rack mount forums and into their own separate 2/4 stroke forums, we (the mods) have been busy, going back through all the posts in the two mount forums, moving the appropriate threads into the correct forum.

Sometimes, we've moved a thread into the wrong location, and we have to move it back, or move it to the other engine forum. Things have settled down now, so, unless a new thread is put in the wrong forum by the original poster, the forums should stay pretty stable.