where should i get it from?

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    i am looking for a 48 or 49cc motor(legality) bt if 66cc or 80cc cant be told apart from a 49 then thats fine to.

    i need the hole kit . I am looking to spend about 200 bucks . i have a 20 inch cruiser for it to mount to.
    any one know a good site or any specific brand of engine?

    thanks for the help

    GO GERMANY!:jester:


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    i really need someones help

    But it seems like no ones is awnsering me or knows.

    in the state of maryland, if i have an over the limit motor(60cc/80cc instead of 49cc) how would they tell, or what can i do to not get in trouble ?
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    They can't tell :whistling:!!! Just make or get a sticker made that says 49cc and stick it on the side of your motor.
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    66cc vs. 48cc -> can't tell

    Hey Culprite ,
    you are right that these engines look virtually identical and if you remove the stickers / engine info plate , no one will know if it is more than 49cc .
    Also I have seen people use basic chinese kits on 20" bike , however for long term reliability for commuting , i suggest a rear friction drive with a better quality engine .
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    Culprite, I combined your threads, It is best to use one thread to get the same info than 2. Even better is to search, read, search, read some more and then post to a thread that most fitts your question. Welcome to MBc and have fun!

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    i did a lil searching and i found nothing, the listed sites are all sold out of the ones i want grrrr
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    dax has a kit but no sepcs are mentioned, i need a 48cc
  10. I use bicycle-engines.com they are great nd priced good. Hagan is there sales rep and Jeremy is the tech. After 1700 mi on this trip and havin to order multiple parts etc I will stick w/ them . Tell unm Marshall refered ya .. I believe they hav 3 48's in stock the last Time I spoke w/ them
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    so call them and are they reviewed
  12. I'd call. 1800 kitbike. And not sure bout revbiews
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    Ok...newbie lesson time. If you encounter some one who is new and cannot search, you have 2 options. Post the link for them to get the info, or teach them how to search.

    If someone does not know how to search, please take the time to play with the function and try to learn it. If problems are encountered them PM a moderator with a question about the problem.

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    hay stan, i have looked there i was asking he he knew off hand if it was reviewed there, i have been using vb forums for probably more years then you been building bikes.
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    Then you must know that what you are doing is not proper use of a fourm. So are you saying that you are aware of how to use the fourm and refuse to do it?
    Here is some more reading material: Please let me know if you have anything to say after reading. (especially in reference to your quote)


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    i didnt refuse, i just didnt find any thing useful, so i dont get it... bt any who