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    So tonight I was fixing up the chain again, tightening and redoing it over and over for like 3 days now had worn me thin, was agitated and quite frankly considering giving up, cuts all over my hands, broken nails from removing the master chain links, covered in grease...

    The other night I tried getting her to start, she wouldn't whatsoever, and I just kinda shrugged and gave up in frustration.

    This night, after a few touch ups and adjustments, I decided to try again. I started at the top of my driveway, which is on a pretty good slant, got to the bottom and released... nothing for a few moments and I just kept peddling; refusing to accept failure again.

    The tone of the engine changed a few times, a couple deeper, heavier sputters, and I couldn't believe it... stopped peddling to see if she'd just stall like usual, and instead, she started to speed up...

    So here I am, on this bike accelerating down my road rapidly, couldn't figure out how to get it to slow down at all, couldn't remember how to stop it. I was completely dumbfounded that it had actually started and I was in complete awe. My heart was pounding a thousand times a minute, I was so excited and frightened that I was sweating (it must be 50 degrees out now), and although I was wearing a T shirt, jean shorts and a ballcap and speeding up with no idea how to stop, I couldn't have been happier my entire life. It was as if the gods of motorbiking grabbed me by the back of my shirt, and shouted, " OH, SO YOU WANT TO RIDE A MOTORBIKE, EH?" and threw me head first into what my Schwinn speedometer was reading as 26 miles per hour, going faster and faster down a dead end road.

    I didn't know what to do, because like I said, my throttle didn't seem to be slowing me down or speeding me up at all, so I just squeezed the clutch in really hard, and it screamed at me undoubtedly p!ssed that I dared defy it, then fell to a stop. I couldn't breathe for a few minutes, even when I peddled it normally back home about a fourth a mile I couldn't catch my breath. You know that feeling after a long day swimming where your lungs just hurt? Yeah. That was it.

    I tried to fire it up a few more times after that, but she wouldn't start. I took the spark plug out, and although it was a little blackened, it would still spark. I'm looking forward to cleaning the bike up, taking care of the odds and ends and then getting loctite on all the bolts and such tomorrow. I still cannot believe how amazing it was. 6 days of extremely frustrating confusion completely blown away all in about 30 seconds. I owe it all to you guys here. I get the feeling I'll be riding this thing for a long, long time. I just can't shake the rush. Motorbiking is in my veins now. :evilgrin:

    But I wanted to thank all of you guys for answering my newby questions, and giving me words of encouragement, because I've found a completely new love in my life. And for all the h3ll she's put me through, I think I'll call her The Unconquerable.
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    That's a very familiar story, when it comes right down to it. My own experience was not much different. And it's kind of gratifying to me, too. And to the others who will read this thread. We saw how you were getting a bit frustrated with your install.

    And now we're witnessing your "Eureka!" moment. It's cool.

    It sounds to me like either your throttle cable is bound up or the brass slide at the end of the cable, in the carburetor, is not seated properly. It has to be lined up with a very small nipple inside or you're stuck at WOT.

    Get that fixed and you'll have a blast tomorrow.
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    Way to go.
    Now you have some idea of what a hoot is.
    You write well. Thank you for sharing your ride.
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    Thank you for the advice, bluegoatwoods, I greatly appreciate it, and will definately fine tune that throttle tomorrow.

    And thanks for the compliment, biken stins!

    I'm so completely overcome with joy. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm so ****ed excited I can't sleep! Want to ride that THING! (tm Mountainman)!
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    GOD I HATE THIS GUY!! lol jk!! i'm waiting to get mine started! i'm just encountering problem after problem! :( serious alot of you guys are using these as projects and fun....this is gonna be my main transportation for a while...i'm planning on buying a moped as well! but i want to build these mbs and get my friends into them so i have people to ride to with!

    but congrats dude!! hope you get to enjoy it and USE THE BRAKES NOT THE CLUTCH lol
  6. Rainsawck!

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    Lol. Yeah, it took me 6 days to get this thing to start, I know how you feel. And also, this is my main transportation as well, and as someone posted here earlier, I was getting really frustrated and almost quit several times. Trust me, this was not meant simply for fun. :p

    ...Although it's turned out to be fun to the extreme!

    I just got it to start once tonight (last night), I dunneh if I'll even ever get it to start again, but if it doesn't, those 30 seconds were worth the entire 6 days of h3ll. Good luck on your bike coolshoeshine, hope it's not a Schwinn Delmar, they're a genuine pain in the arse!

    Tomorrow... Boost Bottle.
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    hahaha nah man i got stupid with my poorness and bought a fudging walmart huffy that had a coaster brake and didn't even think about the coaster brake being an issue! hahaha! but i'm use this kit as a learning exp.! well lets see if takes me longer then six days! i shouldn't have to much problem with the chain when i bmxed i used break chains all the time so i became a chain expert! haha but dude i'm sure you'll get it started....like they said adjust the throttle but also play with air and gas flow on the carb. and what size engine did you get?
  8. Rainsawck!

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    LOL. Sounds like we're in the same boat, the Schwinn Del Mar is a Wal mart coaster brake Cruiser. Gahaha.

    Got a 50cc Grubee Star-Fire because I don't know the police in my area well enough to risk them being asshats and pulling me over just to take my bike to check the engine size (Over 50cc being illegal here...) They just installed a huge mall in my area, and the cops have been extremely... picky lately. I'm sure I'll look like a nice running target on a loudass motor bike with a full faced motorcycle helm from my late stepfather. :grin5::grin5::grin5:

    Yep, looks like we're basically in the same boat... The time to beat is 6 days. Lmao. Good luck dude, let me know if there's any way I can help you.

    Also got a Boost bottle obviously, and a 36t sprocket for the rear. I thought I was gonna die earlier when the bike wouldn't stop accelerating to WOT. Fast as ****, I was definately surprised.

    Can't wait to get some pics up, probably tomorrow (today), maybe it'll help someone else out.
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  9. coolshoeshine

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    hahahaha! dude are in the same boat lmao! but i going to risk the cops messing with me lmao! i mainly creep the back roads so i think i will be fine....god i hope i will lol! here in texas its 49cc or smaller and as long as it doesn't exceed 30mph or shifts its good! lol! i thought about buying that bike too hahaha! i'm gonna buy regular brakes for it and put them on with the new rim and free wheel...i don't trust wal mart coaster brakes at 40mph! lol! and i don't think i will be getting the boaster bottle anytime soon lol! are you gonna customize it any? i have several ideals for mine! let me i got the kit monday so yeah...unless i get it done by saturday i'm a failure lol! nah a lot is riding on me getting this working...about 300 bucks, a legal non-pedaling way to work(well thats what i'll tell the coppers!), a hobby, something to get my friends into, and well so much more!!

    dude i want to see what the schwin would of looked like! isn't the del mar the red white and black one? i should have pics up by friday of current progess!

    this maybe something you already did but did you make sure to get the 2 stroke fuel mixture...aka gas plus oil?
  10. fm2200

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    Rainsawck make sure your kill switch is working or if the throttle doesn't have one get one because of things could get ugly with these little engines and cause you injury. I had a similar experience with starting up for the first time. It took only a few seconds and it started right up and I did not ground the wire for the kill switch as yet I was in a hurry to get it running, big mistake. The engine screamed as soon as it started and at the factory the idle adjustment screw was turned in to much and it was going so fast. I had to pull in the clutch and it was still screaming even more then I killed it by dropping the clutch real fast and it lurched and died (not the best idea) anyway I could have avoided all the drama just by having that kill switch wire ground. good luck with it and be careful with the police you don't want to get on a first name basis with them.
  11. Mountainman

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    motor biking you say is in your veins

    yes -- it's been known to get into the blood !!!

    it's a good thing -- have fun -- from MM
  12. machiasmort

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    Very well written Rainhsawck...

    Similar feeling here after having to rebuild my entire motor! I made the mistake of buying from Boy Go Fast on E-bay.

    Looks like another one hooked boys!
  13. machiasmort

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    OoooHhhh Screw the COPS.

    They are just jealous, Might not be able to outrun them but keep doing U turns, They'll give up after a while!
  14. Rainsawck!

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    LMAO Mort. That's frighteningly hilarious, I don't need any ideas. :p

    And yeah Coolshoeshine, I'll get some pics up, it's black and white cruiser with front and rear fenders and a rack on back.

    Quick question, if anyone cares to help me out, I've reinstalled the throttle pin three times now, and every time I start up this bike she wants to run screaming... How fast is this thing supposed to go at lowest throttle?!

  15. HoughMade

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    Just remember Chris Rock's words of wisdom:

    "if the cops have to come and get you, they're bringing an a$$ whooping with them."
  16. machiasmort

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    Should only run high enough to keep it running. There's only one screw on your carb if it's like mine. In (tighten) = higher idle, out (loosen)= lower idle.

    Do some searches here on the throttle needle and clip sttings. Make sure you have it together correctly w/ the clip.
  17. biken stins

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    There should be a adjuster on top of carb where cable enters. One on the throttle housing. Might check to see if it properly seating in the throttle housing. It can idle and run fast if it isn't. Might look for posts on kill switch in blue wire.
    All these engines are different in some way. Kill switches are good. But then I would enjoy hearing your version of the non working kill button.For some unknown reason the engine was running at 16,000 RPM's and no intention of slowing when the chain broke.