Who's using a Walbro Carb?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by a/c man, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. a/c man

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    Oh no not another carburetor post.
    Sorry but I've got to know.
    Who's put a Walbro on their 2 stroke?

    I know somebody out there has put the time and effort into fabricating an intake and pulse tube on a Walbro 608 or 668 carb.

    These carbs don't require being level.
    They have a high and low speed fuel mixture adjustment outside the carb.
    Easy peezy to adjust.
    There is no float
    There is no changing main jets, needle jets, pilot jets, blah blah blah.
    Just an idle adjustment, and high and low speed fuel screws.

    Let me know what you know, maybe it will eliminate the frustration of
    dialing in these prehistoric NT carbs, so I won't have to waste my time and money doodling around to get things right and I can spend my precious free time riding this thing instead of working on it.

  2. datsun610

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    hi i have put a walbro on my bike best mod out thare i got a manifold from a 4 stroke stationery motor drilled the mounting holes to mach with the head and just field the inside of the manifold so the pulse will flow right in to the head
  3. a/c man

    a/c man Member

    Thanks guys.
    Anybody tried using the larger HDA models?
    They have the larger venturi bore.
    Got any pictures, I'd love to see what you got.
  4. datsun610

    datsun610 Member

    hi mate mine is from a 80cc chain saw as soon as i find my cord to plug my camera in the computer ill post pics i recomend you bye one i broght the delorto and ht carbys no good compeard to this carb thay shald come stock with tham
  5. hayata

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    hey here some pics when i finished my install.. man it was a B!t@#... but fuel adjust it easy! took it off my minibike. let u know how it goes tonight.

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  6. hayata

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    a/c man i got good news and bad. i topped out @ i kid u not 75.8kph single gear (original speed was 42.5kph) which im happy about. the bad is it only lasted 5mins tops. i cooled the motor down and it ran another 5mins. so im guessing its the heat screwing up the built in fuel pump.. the diaphragm probably getting warped because of that.. anywhoo i'll make a intake manifold to space out the carb and the cylinder. its not OVER yet! lol

    Ps oh yeah i also dropped the cylinder down about 0.065" or 0.07" for more compression