Why do you ride a motorized bicycle?


just for kicks

I was just wondering why people ride a motorized bicycle.

I ride one purely for the fun of it. (hence my handle - Just for Kicks)

I dont ride it because I cant get a license or stupidily lost my license. (without my CDL I dont work)
I dont ride it to try and stick it to the man by saving gas. (but that is a good reason-lol)
I dont ride it to try to look cool. (I'm middle aged, over weight, and balding-nuff said-lol)
I dont ride it to feel like I'm riding a motorcycle. (I have one of those)
I dont ride it as inexpensive transportation. (I like my AC in my blazer after a long day at work)

So why do you ride one?
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Large Filipino

Because I can!

Also because I am a hero to the neighborhood children and I seem to make a whole lot of people smile when I pass them by.
It's amazing how no one else in my area has one.
Lately it's mainly for telling everyone where I got the kit and talking about this forum and how this bike has changed my life and I hardly ever use my cars for short runs cause this bicycle is a hundred times more fun than even that motorcycle I owned a few years ago.
And it's fun to see heads turn in your direction.


I built mine to ride to work when gas hit three bucks. I'm only three miles from work but I like the thing so much I ride the **** out of it.:D


i ride because i use to race bikes and i love that felling of
doing 40+ on a bicycle for me it is a oneness with traveling like in
the olden days and i just love the fact that it is a bicycle
and is very small in cc's and gose as fast as a car gose
and in like 10 yrs gas is going to be to much so im geting a head start
on the future



I got mine as part of an experiment in alternatives for the 26 mile (each way) commute to town, once I get my cabin built. The experiment is going well.


I got mine because I love to ride my bike but it hurts my back. I have some congenital lower disk fusion and I hate going up hills. :D


As a brother over 40, overweight and beyond balding, I like these little things. I am at the point in my life I could own some cool toys, but these things require a little attention and in return I get it back. I like the attention when I walk out of the Allsups and the bike is being looked over by leather clad weekend bikers or 14 year old wannabees. When they see a large, slick headed, tattooed, shorts wearing, sneakers and a US Army issued parachute helmet, the questions start flying. Kids love it and dads say they want one.
In short I ride these because they are FUN!


Does it really make sense to get in your car to drive 2 1/2 miles to work when a much more fun alternative is available?:-/ That's why I'm trying my hand at this. Met a lot of nice people on-line too.:)


:cool:my wife and i carpool to work. same work schedule...supposedly.:rolleyes:

wife works overtime often every week. i sit around my office or in the car, which upsets me. we don't need the extra $$. time and good health are more valuable, and of course i have to listen to the drama of too much work, never being able to catch up, etc. etc.

i get tired of waiting. bus service past our house is horrible. too many transfers.

so i decide to walk home five miles. one hour forty-five minutes, and my feet hurt. scratch that option.

option#2 was a new bike. great idea, but too mentally and physically stressful, especially the morning ride. i decide i don't like pedalling 5 miles to/from work.

next, i electrify my bike. great ride, but to charge batteries, break down and assemble the bike to carry the 125lb bike upstairs was OVERWHELMING. besides, my employer, the STATE OF HAWAII, decides they don't like their workers' THREE bicycles(out of 200 workers) in the building. forced to park far away in the garage, dissassemble and carry my 80-pound batteries in for recharging, i decide to give up biking to work for the next year.

fast forward, and my wife is STILL working late. i then bring my own car to work, which means leaving for work almost 2 hours earlier for onstreet parking.:eek:

a few days of that proved exasperating, so i stuff my wife's bike in the van and take it to work. now i can leave 2 hours later, find parking a quarter-mile away, bike to the office and park in the garage.

bringing 2 cars to work simultaneously doesn't make good sense, so i buy a folder bike to stuff in my wife's trunk. that works well enough for the next few weeks.

then i remember that i don't like pedalling 5 miles home.:rolleyes:

so i install my first engine on my 20" DAHON. great idea, great ride. of course, the bike no longer fits in my trunk, but my wife and i don't mind the bike sitting on the back seat.

and now i don't mind parking in the garage. i push my bike into the office elevator, down the hall to the garage. after work, i just carry my bike 2 floors down the stairway.

i like the fact that i can still ride like a bike, or motorized.

i've only seen one motorized bicyclist here, and he wasn't using his engine.