Why wear a helmet?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by lovehamr, Dec 5, 2009.

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    Thanks Bill! Is there a way to imbed video here on this forum?

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    Helmet not always a good Idea

    It seems like its time to change the filter in the gene pool. Idiots like that make us all look bad. I wear a hemet and a led flasher and I try to obey all of the traffic laws in the area.
    Darwin must not be totally correct in his theory because he looks old enough to reproduce.:rolleyes7:

    Mike Frye the bike guy
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    I posted this video over on Endless Sphere few days back, he has a helmet but should of paid more and got a full face. In response to that effort admin YPedal man posted This gem...to lighten the mood and make everyone smile there was then this :)

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    I always just copy/paste the url...no tags needed
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    Why wear a helmet you ask? Well I don't want my gray matter turned into bean dip plain and simple.

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    .........And it's usually a plus with law enforcement
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    If you want to end up like Gary Busey, don't wear a helmet.
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    He is a poster child for wearing a helmet!

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    Once you have a few more posts, you'll be able to embed links, too. (we had some issues a few months back with a guy who kept posting links to malicious sites, so, we set a minimum post limit for embedded links...)
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    I don't wear a bicycle helmet.

    A lot of people think that because it looks similar, a bicycle helmet is "almost like a motorcycle helmet", and it's not. Not hardly, not even close.

    If you're paranoid about your noggin, wear a motorcycle helmet, not any bicycle helmet.
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    AJ, just saw your video and that brought back a memory. Had a dart scrambler/198 Villiers motor and we saw a large dirt hill in a field and I in a quick moment of sheer stupidity deceided to jump it.

    As I came off the top I looked down to see a just completed house basement. A true O Shi.... moment. I heal quickly.

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    That had to hurt. We have all had those moments. Mine involved a homemade parachute. It still hurts just to think about that mistake... I was young.

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    I landed just right and the helmet I was wearing, that every one laughed at as a girly add on, saved me when I crashed into the cement block wall.
    When I got out of the hospital they were all wearing one. They weren't cheap ones either.

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    I learned the hard way why you should always wear a helmet, now I wear a full face and half face motorcycle helmet and and gloves even just to go down the block (see pictures). Nelson.

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    Nelson, I saw that picture when you first posted it. I had the same reaction again. That photo should be a friendly reminder about good head gear. Hope everything healed up.
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    Hey Ray, everything healed up well with the exception of my pinky which I can not fully bend and probably never will. But I'm grateful to be alive, and it could have been a heck of a lot worse!!! To all you people who think it can't happen to you, I thought the same thing, I hated helmets and I thought they made people wearing them look stupid, well... I don't think that anymore, don't take chances, wear your helmet, take it from someone who knows what they're talking about!!! Stay safe out there, Nelson. :helmet:
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    stupid riders vs helmets

    I agree that many people should wear helmets, however the tread started with a video of a idiot riding a wheelie down the street for over a mile and then crashing without a helmet on. I personally wont get on my motorbicycle without one but, is that always a good thing? Some people are self selecting out of the race and why are we wrong to keep them from there destiny?

    Mike Frye-the bike guy