will this bike work? newbie question.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by malachi boudreaux, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. malachi boudreaux

    malachi boudreaux New Member

    Good morning everyone,

    this is the kit I am going with, already on order, will be here Friday.


    and now im looking at bikes, and iv narrowed it down to this one.


    for these reasons.

    1) price!
    2) 18 speed, help peddle while engine running (MAX SPEED!!!) (not even sure you can do that)
    3) frame looks like the right size, tube not too big.
    4) wheel brakes.
    5) seems light weight.

    what do you guys think, should I be fine? im sure with ALL bikes there are some modifications that need to be done.


  2. FurryOnTheInside

    FurryOnTheInside Well-Known Member

    I have never seen one of those bikes in real life but I do know a few things about it just from that page. It is brand new and yet it is extremely unbelievably cheap. That means absolute bottom of the range cheapest components they could find, just enough to roll it out of the store where the Walmart monkeys aka mechanics put it together, just well enough to roll out of the store.

    I would look for a used bike instead.

    Just an opinion, YMMV.
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  3. zippinaround

    zippinaround Active Member

    Hahah just read some of the comments about the bike haha the main bike i use is a 1985 raleigh that i bought for 150 with an engine kit already on it haha i'd go with furry's idea and find a good quality second hand bike.
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  4. JunkyardDog

    JunkyardDog Active Member

    The bike is junk, don't get it. Search on Craigslist for a decent used bike. Even a Huffy Cranbrook will work, though you will need to figure out a way to add front brakes. Never motorize a bike without front brakes. They are where 90% of you stopping power come from. Roadmaster bikes are absolute junk. My daughter, who was 23 at the time (couple years ago) managed to destroy a brand new one in 2 weeks using it as a pedal bike. Stay away from the Target Magna brand as well. First decide if you want a cruiser or a mountain bike. A cruiser is a lot more comfortable, though I have put a cruiser seat and bars on a mountain bike frame for comfort. If looks don't matter that much, look for an older Trek, Specialized, Giant, etc. steel framed mountain bike and fix it the way you want it. It needs to be steel, with smaller diameter ROUND frame tubes.

    As for the engine kit, to do it right, you are going to need a couple of expensive things that don't come with that kit to do the job right. You are going to need a clamshell rear sprocket and mount, and you are going to need an engine mounted spring loaded chain tensioner. The junk rear sprocket and rag joint mount, and chainstay mounted "tensioner" will get you killed.

    This is the chain tensioner you need. http://www.ebay.com/itm/49-66-80cc-...6b531cc3:m:m-b3lt30KT8w_ql7lB4QDvw&rmvSB=true

    This is the rear sprocket and mount you will need. http://www.pistonbikes.com/Motorized-bicycle-sprocket-adapter-for-rear-wheel-p/pssas.htm
  5. Yeshua

    Yeshua New Member

    What would happen if you only used a rear brake only bike?
  6. FurryOnTheInside

    FurryOnTheInside Well-Known Member

    Skids. Triple the stopping distance IF you have control enough to avoid the skid, but at twice the speed of a pedal bike, on a public road, in varying weather, and the surprise of a car/truck suddenly in your path: don't expect much more than a big skid followed by your death.

    Sorry to be blunt. :)
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  7. CarlX

    CarlX Guest

    You can go with back breaks alone but it's not recommended for breaking power, I strongly suggest both back & front breaks. The motor you selected is great in my opinion, I have the exact same one with no problems to speak of. I did some minor upgrades prior to my build. JunkyardDog mentioned the sprocket adaptor & chain tensioner for upgrades, I agree with both and I've purchased the same sprocket adaptor he suggested (just so you know I got mine for about half of the price listed on that link) and its been great. The chain tensioner is also highly recommend, I say this not because I have one but becuse I don't have one but now know I definitely need one. Your bike is junk, Walmart has better options for a slightly higher price, it'd be worth saving up and buying a bike of better quality.
  8. Yeshua

    Yeshua New Member

    Lol thanks will order double brake. It's just that the bike hear control is physically part of the braking lever so to replace lever would mean loss of gear control. Would that be a problem?
  9. FurryOnTheInside

    FurryOnTheInside Well-Known Member

    Yes it would. Plan for an engine failure!
    Just get a used one off fleabay. I mean a separate gear shifter OR a separate brake lever for the front brake. (I personally don't approve of using the dual pull tricycle brake levers on the f+r of a bicycle, lol)
  10. Cory Bailey

    Cory Bailey New Member

    Be careful with mountain bikes from Wal-Mart. They are often pieces of crap. As for peddling while the engine is going a single speed will peddle just fine at top speed
  11. JunkyardDog

    JunkyardDog Active Member

    In still say that particular bike is junk. Even Walmart has much better bikes. It looks like the frame tubes are more flat than round. I still prefer a Craigslist bike or many bike shops have used bikes for sale. Here in Phoenix, there are a couple of bike shops that sell real bikes for very reasonable prices. They may not be fancy, but they are in good working order. They go over them before they sell them. They don't sell Walmart bikes. Before buying a bike, actually go look it over. It must have round frame tubes for the engine mounting, and I would highly recommend front brakes.
  12. Yeshua

    Yeshua New Member

    How would it cause engine failure? I'm a newbie just curious.
  13. FurryOnTheInside

    FurryOnTheInside Well-Known Member

    It wouldn't cause it. I think it is wise to expect it anyway with the cheap 2 stroke engines and build your bike with the ability to pedal home. Dress for a crash and build for a breakdown, you know? :)
  14. Brigada1874

    Brigada1874 New Member

    That bike with no front brakes will kill you. Any bike with no front brakes is dangerous. Back brakes are mainly for balance. As a motorbike rider I know u could not ride my bike on back brakes alone. Hence on older/cheap bikes only front is disk whilst rear is drum.
  15. JunkyardDog

    JunkyardDog Active Member

    In have ridden many motorcycles with drum front brakes, and they worked just fine. My 1966 Triumph Bonneville with a front drum actually did just as well as my 2013 Royal Enfield with a disc. The main benefit I have found to a disc brake is that it is easier to change pads. My 1964 Ford Fairlane has 4 wheel non power drums, and works fine. It is true that the rear brake on a motorcycle is for fine tuning your braking, not for stopping. You can get away with a rear only brake on a cruiser only if going very slow, which is how cruisers are generally ridden. Add a motor and that changes. You absolutely have to have a front brake on a motorized bicycle, but it certainly does not have to be a disc. Any type of rim brake will work, I believe V brakes work better.