Sprockets will this sprocket work?

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    well i have a chainsaw engine and like them all, the have a sprocket that pulls the actuall cutting chain.i was wondering if this would be able to pull a bicycle chain, and if not how could i get the clutch off to try to file it down?

    Pics of sprocket/clutch:

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  2. I would think the manufacturer site might have instructions for parts ect. Those teeth look very widely gapped but lay your chain over the thing and see what it looks like...I bet Manic Mechanic might be able to make you a rear sprocket to match then all you would need to do is find matching chain. What brand of saw is that? I'd sure look at the overall cost before doing anything might be an expensive venture fabricating to make it work.
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    Didn't you post the same question a day earlier? Naughty.

    No, that sprocket won't handle a bike chain. It obviously has teeth that are far too wide. Also, I think that the pitch is too great. Filing won't help. If I were you, I'd put the poor chain saw back together and buy a motor kit.
    Otherwise, an engineering shop might be able to grind off the old sprocket and weld a suitable one on.

    To remove it, it looks like the centre of the clutch might screw off. If the arrow and 'OFF' are any indication, it could be a left-hand thread. Once the lesser parts of the clutch are removed, a nut will probably be visible that holds it on. You will probably need a puller to remove the clutch body once the nut is undone.

    ... Steve
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    i dont want to spend and money on this, but thanks for your great input.

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    Bm20, Take The Spark Plug Out, Stuff Some Rope Into The Cyclinder To Stop Crank Shaft Rotation. Take A Hammer And Punch And Whack It In The Off Direction. Then It All Slides Off. After That , I Would Recommend Putting It Back Together And Selling It For Money Towards A Kit. It Looks Like A Poulan Brand. I Own About 30 Chain Saws, From The Smallest To The Largest, They Are Great Motors Generally, But Not For Motor Bikes. Anything Can Be Done, But Imho Its Not Worth All The Hassel. Good Luck! Ron
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    o ok thanks for that nice tip!
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    I noticed a guy on You Tube that amongst other things motorises skateboards
    He machines up a a whole new clutch-hub up to accept bike chain
    He also indicates he has $20,000 worth of machinery to do these things:rolleyes7:
    You may be able to bolt a sprocket on the backside of the clutch-hub in a location that the heads of the bolts dont foul the clutch-shoes.
    Or is the chain lube pump in the way?
    I come from New Zealand and Macullach saw engines were used for Go-kart racing would be easier to use a yellow engine for available parts
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    Observe the way the saw spins the blade... It probably works so that it tightens the clutch/gear, so it don't come loose!

    Your problem using a saw motor is going to be gearing... If you notice, even HT's have a tranny that gears them down so that the motor is not stalling... Somebody should be able to give you the gear ratio between what the HT is turnning and what the gearbox turns... The gearbox turns slower so the motor gains torque...

    PM arceguy, bet he would know...