Winter Plans for Spring Project

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    As I roll into my third Spring of the Motorized Bicycle Thing, I am solidifying my plans for the next project for the Spring of 2016.

    Plans to get a motorcycle will be put on hold for longer as various costs and considerations make that less appealing. I've gotten quite good with the 2 stroke, single gear set up and I wish to enhance that even more.

    Unfortunately, there is still a lot that I do not know and I can't seem to take the time and energy to instill in my brain. Not sure how an upgraded CDI might make things better. My electric/ electronics knowledge is basic and not good enough to truly appreciate how to maximize the little motor's potential. I don't understand transfer cases and what they might do. Geez, my bike would be so much better if I could just quickly shift up to a slightly larger gear at WOT. Two speeds would be super!

    So, I am amassing parts for the next project:

    I'll order another knock off Skyhawk frame, although I would prefer a little more length to the 45" wheelbase I have. I'll enhance the welded motormount with my own bombproof construction, so there's no way this engine will ever move. I'll also strengthen up the downtube with some kind of epoxy/resin.

    Front fork will be suspension for sure which I will probably buy of ebay. Vbrakes will be good. Since the frame requires a threadless headset, it will be imperative to use two star nuts. The front fork takes a lot of abuse.

    The next bike will have a killer headlight. Lowe's sells a 35W headlight for about $15! I plan to power that with a rechargable 12V 4Ah SLA batter. If I have to I will solder a 3 amp resister to protect the bulb. That will light up the night!

    If I need to by a new engine, I will probably get one from DAX, the F80 69cc version they carry. I have found it to be very good, working especially well with the RT carb.

    I will look to upgrade the rear wheel. I will also go with new Vbrakes front and rear. Bikeberry has a wheelset for $120 or so, but it requires disk brakes.

    So this is where I am. Keep on rolling, guys and gals!